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Portugal Joins SOTA

The SOTA MT is pleased to announce that the Portuguese SOTA association is now active from today.

Association Manager is Manuel, CT1BWW and Region Manager is David CT1DRB. There are 54 summits in the initial association but I’m sure this will increase as more summits are positively identified and verified. All the various websites have been updated and are ready to go.

One of our newly appointed MT members, Jim G0CQK, has been very active in helping the team in CT get their association together. Jim had barely joined before we had him working on this new association.

Please join me in welcoming our new association to SOTA and everyone who helped to get everything ready in time for the launch date.

Andy, MM0FMF
obo SOTA MT.

Maps showing the positions of the new CT SOTA summits can be found here:



In reply to MM0FMF:
Dear SOTA Friends,

As a coordenator for SOTA Portuguese Association will be great pleasure to engvolve Portuguese HAM’s on this great Adventure !
I accept this Challenge with all responsability to Promote and preserve AMATEUR RADIO, but with certainly all support to all SOTA Enthusiasts.
I hope to have your confidence and I’m sure that we will give to all , our best.

Hope we never disapointed you!

Meanwhile we invite to you to visit our Web site :

Thanking in advance for reading this reply and you attention.

VY Best 73s with SOTA

Marq. ct1bww
SOTA-Portuguese Association

In reply to CT1BWW:

Finally!!! SOTA arrived Portugal!!!
Many thanks to QRP Portuguese Group for bringing SOTA to our country!
Wish the best lucky for Portuguese association, and i will be waiting for Portuguese expeditions!!

Jose Ventura

I would just like to say welcome to the sta portugese group and look forward to working many of your members while working your summits best 73s Dave M3XIE

In reply to CT5HVE:
Although the initial number of CT summits is not great, because of the great work by David CT1DRB, we can anticipate another 100+ summits being added to the CT association very soon.
Jim g0cqk

In reply to G0CQK:

we can anticipate another 100+ summits being added to the CT association very soon.

There goes the challenge of little more than one a week to complete in a year!

I look forward to many more CT calls in my log from now on. Congratulations to all those involved. I wonder if any of those in Portugal interested in SOTA have 5 MHz licences? I already have some contacts on that band with CT calls it would be great to hear more. That is if CT 5MHz are allowed portable.

73 Steve

In reply to MM0FMF:
Congratulations to Mark, David and all the team that put together the Portuguese Sota Association, I am sure the CT prefix will very soon be in the chaser logs around the World
Good luck to all SOTA enthusiasts.
Laurentino Silva

In reply to CT2KCG:

Hello all,

I am CT1DRB David. Thanks for all appreciation emails about me but I should thanks GØCQK Jim for his patiente with me to correct all CT documentation.

Best 73 to all and good SOTA activations.

David Quental

In reply to CT1DRB:
After some sterling work by David CT1DRB, 182 summits have been added to the CT association from 23rd April, bringing the total to 237
Jim g0cqk