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Portable paddles

Hi Sean

A thought, rather than a recommendation - I’ve noticed that I use my Palm twin paddle key mostly as a single paddle, eg slapping either Dits or Dahs. About the only time I use it in iambic mode is calling CQ!
(but I’m not selling it :wink:

This is largely laziness on my part, in not taking the time to practice using it properly, but also partly because it is easier to do with cold stiff fingers on a summit. On the other hand, I find that sending at 16 to 20 WPM, which is about my comfortable range, and exchanging the small amounts of info that I typically do, iambic would be no great advantage.

So, if I were looking to build or buy a new paddle, I’d probably be investigating a single paddle, which is rather more simple to build, and should be a bit cheaper to buy.

As I say, just a thought, YMMV.


I concur, especially after my awful sending yesterday. It was bitterly cold and 45mins of operating in “Steptoe gloves” was the limit. I have a new pair of Thinsulate lined fleece gives which helped to warm my fingers but I could barely anything through them let alone the paddle tips. A single paddle probably would be easier in those circumstances.

Sounded ok to me Andy, despite the QRM / QSB !!

Many thanks for braving the cold.


100% agree Andy. I use a single paddle Bushwacker from AME on a homebrew leg mount and even with my really thick winter gloves I can still send at 25 wpm. This paddle has a good size “blade” which makes it easy to use with gloves, I made the leg mount out of 4mm perspex and it also has an old Casio watch on there for timekeeping. http://americanmorse.com/bushwacker.htm

73 Victor GI4ONL


Flattery will get you everywhere with a vain peacock like me!

The more I think about it the more I realise that in the Summer or when it’s warm I send using iambic keying and when it’s cold I treat the paddles more like a single lever and it’s probably down to lack of feeling from cold or thick gloves.

I have a 1-metre length cable between my Palm Pico and KX2. If not too cold, I use the Velcro leg strap (see photo) which works fine whilst sitting or standing. In cold weather I have the paddles inside my winter jacket side pocket on the metal plate. I rest my ring and little fingers on the plate to stop it from moving about when keying.


Hi all,

I made these of a relay :slight_smile:

they work great and cost nearly nothing :slight_smile:
See my QRZ page for more info.



The paddles and keys from americanmorse.com are well made and not expensive.


Hi OMs!
Try to visit my page ok1qo.com - wow - jambic, elekeyer with 4 memories, straight key! You are welcome!
73 de OK-land, Jan ok1qo


That is AAA cell to give a size comparison. £16.03 from a chap in CZ. I was a little concerned about the action as it uses micro switches, it works just fine.


Hi Sean
FB :slight_smile: Can you put a link for this CZ paddle please ?
73 Eric F5JKK

PS: the thread Replacements for Palm Keys was closed at 83 ! why ?

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Hi Eric


That’s the shop on eBay, looks like they have sold out. Has a website too.


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Many thank’s Sean - 73

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Hello all, we have also magnetic paddle MK2, with better gold plated contacts and 3.5 mm jack. Will be available soon, work in progress… I hope 20 PCs will be done next week…

73 Ondra OK1CDJ


Paddles from OK1QO are GREAT !!

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Thank you for your compliment, Ondra!
Folks, see my “ok1qo dot com” for info and for contact.
We (ok1cdj and ok1qo) work parallel and in PEACE!
73 de Jan ok1qo

A single paddle is not necessarily simpler. If you look at the one palm radio used to make, it was more complex than a dual paddle. It had two modes: side swiper (wired like a straight key) and single paddle (left and right contacts wired to dits and dahs). And a mechanism to switch between them.


Obviously a Chinese copy - but …?

It’s typically Chinese disregard to intellectual rights. Buy it and be damned!

American Morse Equipment should be considered by those who desire an ultra small and lightweight CW key. I personally like my AME Porta Paddle-II, an Iambic paddle kit. They have a single paddle version called the Mini-B Paddle. It is a quality made device with a LIFETIME GUARANTEE! The base is drilled/tapped so it can be mounted to another base. Mine is mounted to an inexpensive clipboard, along with my KX2 and a log book. Makes it super-convenient to use on my lap for my SOTA activations. Reasonably priced as well.


72, Woody/K1LB