Portable batteries possible

Found these LifePo4 batteries for Golf Carts, 18Ah 12v and the fancy clip in connector terminates in Powerpoles. Pricey but all the LifePo4 stuff seems to be that way, this price includes a charger,

Anybody tried these yet?

Am on the hunt for a more lightweight pack for doing beach operating, lugging a car battery isn’t that practical although it does make a good weight on windy days.


Looks like a similar package to what I’ve been using. VERY lightweight and powerful. I’ve never run mine down significantly in a day of operating. Price is with a charger? Good deal. Go for it.

It’s hard to tell from the picture if the terminals are protected from shorting. That would be the only thing you’d want to be sure of before heading out. I attached permanent leads with PowerPole ends and covered the exposed battery terminal with low-temp moldable plastic. (AKA Friendly Plastic - used in crafts - softens in very hot water, and is tough as an old boot when cooled - https://www.amazon.com/Reusable-Moldable-Plastic-Durable-Portable/dp/B06XTMRFWN/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1499598468 ) Saves worry for me; you can’t forget the power cable if it’s hooked on! Obviously, you need to modify the charging cable with PowerPole ends as well, if you do it this way.

You’ll be amazed how stupid-light these batteries are.

Bruce - WB8OGK

Aye it may need some terminal protection right enough. I reckon I could get a couple of hours operating out of the 18Ah @ 50w TX, pretty much spot on for what I need and looks like these cell sits at >13v.

I like the mouldable plastic, got a few jobs that could use that stuff for sure.

Looks exactly the same as one of mine, but mine is branded as Power House. Had no problems at all with it. Runs the ft857 at 70w all day long. Throw it in the rucksack, no chance of shorting out unless you’re partial to carrying around copious amounts of tin foil in your rucksack just for the sake of it.

I only carry the tinfoil in case I need to make a hat!