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POP! Have you got one of these?

Hi, I know I haven’t been here much over the last few years but I do like to keep my equipment in good order.

I charge and balance my LiFePo4 batteries every few months, last week I plugged the charger in with battery connected.

One of these!

It powered up then about one second later there was a almighty crack and nothing.
Today I had time to investigate and set about stripping the unit down to see if there was a fuse blown inside or something. This is what I found.

The three main connections for the mains power were in a terrible state. The one circled in RED the solder has detached itself. The one circled in BLUE has no solder at all and it wasn’t in the power box so was never there. The one circled in GREEN is just hanging on.
I have had this for 5 or 6 years and I now wonder how it has kept working all this time.

If you have one of these charger or the many similar designs it may be worth either checking inside or be careful plugging and unplugging the main power cable to the unit.
It is easy to get inside, remove the 5 screws on each end and take off plates, four screws underneath hidden below rubber feet, to get inside PSU pull out box and underneath remove the two feet by the power socket and undo two screws, there is two clips at the other end.

Hope this helps anyone else that may encounter this problem in the future.

73 Neil 2M0NCM


…damaged your battery?

No my battery is ok, cells are still intact. I have repaired the charger but haven’t had a chance to test it yet, tomorrow hopefully.

…let us know what you find out. Definitely. Thanks

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Well the test went OK, unit powered up fine.

Charged and balanced the battery in 1 min 42 seconds at 1.0A, thought it had failed it finished so quickly well the bleeping started. :grimacing:

So all back together now with a spot of glue to hold the power socket more secure.

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The one circled in blue is the ground/earth connection so almost certainly unused.

I have an iMax B6, which uses the same charger board but doesn’t include a mains psu. This also died a couple of years ago due to a very bad solder connection where the 12v input cable is soldered to the board, replacement of the cable and redoing the joints properly fixed it.

73, Colin

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It is soldered now, something else to hold on. The mains plugs is a tight fit in and out, so I may give it a smear of lube to ease the pressure.

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