Poor SOTA's weekends!

The SOTA’s activity is more “quiet” in the week. Horrible the weekend !
Thus, meeting next Monday gentlemen.
See you later with more politeness and of courtesy.
73 QRO for the major part of you.
Andy F5AKL

In reply to F5AKL:
Andy, listen to VK9GMW on 40m tonight. SOTA will seem very quiet and civilised tomorrow.
73’s Mike G0HIO

In reply to G0HIO:
Bonjour André
TU as raison!
Et puis le fait que ce soit le B… sur l’activation VK9, ne me parait pas un bon argument!
Justement, aujourd’hui quel que soit l’activité, il y a toujours des gens indélicats, mais ça doit être la société d’aujourd’hui qui veut ça!
Heureusement il reste la solution du bouton on/off, et d’aller prendre un bon bol d’air! hi hi, surtout aujourd’hui avec mon joli petit crachin Normand, je suis aux anges!
Blagues mise à part je vais surement refaire un SOTA Tour NO mais sur 80m CW pour les copains
aller bon week end et smile hi hihi
73’s qro

In reply to G0HIO:
Hi! Yes, yes, I know, and you are perfectly right Mike.
Of what I think, it is that the success of the SOTA brings it, regrettably, towards these extremities. Especially the weekends.
Fortunately, there is strong majority of “gentlemen”.
See you later on air with great pleasure.
73 QRO to all,
Andy F5AKL

In reply to F5AKL:
Hey DD, in order to make you happy, look for me next Monday April 6th ! :wink:
Vy 73 de Chris F8DZY.

In reply to F8DZY:
Hi ! Chris ! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:
OK for Monday if you “traffic” more than 5 mn, because I am brought to go out several times of the QRA. I shall make the maxi to send you a report.
73 QRO and good luck,
Andy F5AKL

In reply to F5AKL:
Hi DD,

Next week, it will be S04R… may be another pile up… hi !
But I think that SOTA QRG will be quiet; have a look to frequencies plan

Leaving home on friday.
See you from there !

73 Alain F6ENO

In reply to F6ENO:

Hi Alain,

I hope to break trough the pile-up next weekend :wink:

But take care in West-Sahara, I know it´s a very dangerous place.

I hope you have a wonderful time in Tifariti
and come back home savely!

Vy73 à bientôt
Fritz DL4FDM

In reply to F6ENO:
Hello Alain
Good luck in expe. I hope we’ll meet next time and i’ll try with 100w.
Best 73 to the team.
Andre - f5ukl