Poor boy

Night night


I don’t know how this was classified as Off Topic. Clearly this operator activated the summit but failed to earn his points, not making as many contacts as he may have wished before being taken off site. :smile:

This is sad. I hope the owner can be found, and it is simply something like the pet ran away in a storm and was lost. I can’t imagine anyone abandoning a dog.

Very sad, particularly since I just lost my best friend, River-K9DOG.

Hello Mike, very sorry to hear about River. When our last dog had to be put down (cancer) it was tears all round here.
I agree I don’t know how anyone can leave a dog let alone on a summit where the chances of being rescued would have been less. I hope he finds a home.

According to a friend living in the area, the dog has now been reunited with his owner ---------- a sheep farmer who had been tending his flock on Scafell !! The dog obviously got disorientated in the mist.


Thanks Mike - oh excellent news and outcome :smiley: