POLL: Do you have a tablet?

I’m interested in how many people have a tablet computer that they use regularly. Only vote if you have a tablet, I’m not interested in phones at this time.

  • Android
  • Apple iPad
  • Apple iPad mini
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 8 (detachable keyboard)
  • Windows 10
  • Windows 10 (detachable keyboard)

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I use the andriod to run rucksack radio tool

Android, but I hardly use it.

Two Androids a 7 inch and 10 inch. 10 inch used a lot at home, work and away. 7 inch getting slow now so not used that much.

73 Phil

I’m quite surprised by the lack of votes for iPad! We have an iPad in the house but I don’t use it. I use a cheapo 7" Android tablet.

Android, not used very often.

Android; alas, in most Southern Arizona out-in-the boonies locations, coverage is nearly zero.

Like Phil, I have two Android tablets a 10" no-name Chinese and a 7" ASUS Memopad. The 10" never gets used, partly as it runs Android 2.something. The ASUS MemoPad on the other hand is my travel “PC” rather than taking a laptop, I take the ASUS tablet. This is also a tablet that has a propper headset socket not just a headphone socket (i.e. it can use an external microphone). I have used this tablet to send PSK from a SOTA summit using Wolphi’s hardware interface and Android software.


Are you asking specifically with regard to using on activations, or just in general?

I use paper log, no tablet.

73 de DL4ROB

Additionally, for access to Sotawatch, I use RRT on Android.
On a smartphone, not on a tablet.

None of the above.

Stick with me paper and pen thanks.


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Hmm, I should have put a “none” option on the poll for completeness. But the interest is in the OS people are using rather that what they may use the device for.

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The SOTA interest is in whether a menu fix for the database (doesn’t work with Android/iOS browsers) is worth implementing and if it’s different for those tablets, which one is going to affect more users.

The general interest is to help me decide what to replace my Nexus 7 2012 tablet with. The choices are another Android tab, ARM based Chromebook, x86 Chromebook, cheap Win10 tablet (Linx 1010B) or a hi-end Win 10 (Spectre x2 or Surface Pro4).

Current fave is the Spectre x2.


I voted for android mainly for field use and radio apps but for browsing the the WWW, reflector and watching videos then it is the iPad.

OK Andy. Database entry has never worked on either my two tablets or my Android Ultra 6 phone or my Moto G 1st gen phone. I would be thrilled if the majority vote was accepted and the set up was configured for Android devices!

By the way your SOTA cluster has been super reliable of late - one click of my mouse and the transceiver is on to the activators frequency, thank you for providing this.

73 Phil

Surely your website analytics will tell you that?


iPad mini, quite useful for maps, also have waterproof case for it. M0SSD

I using
-as activator: Android tablet or Android phone
-as chaser: 2 Android tablets (RSS-stream), laptop with Linux and Android phone…
For now I have to pause as an activator because he broke leg in October, but getting ready to loging on my phone with Android and Peter’s program (on my phone Linux also works nice).

Vy 73 de Mariusz

I’ve voted IPad. I would hope to be able to browse the database from it but do not expect to use it for data entry.

Martyn M1MAJ

The problem is Richard, many people know it doesn’t work with tablets and don’t even attempt to use them with the DB or they try a few times and realise it is tablet unfriendly and revert to a PC of some type. So the DB logs don’t contain enough tablet OS data to be useful.