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Pole guying

I use these at the end of the guy string:


Never not been able to hook them on or drop something onto them

The handle is decent though it’s nothing more than a handy 17 mm nut, but so much lighter than a metal wrench.

I also use these pegs to secure the OP’s tent of our non-SOTA VHF contest station. No drilling needed anymore although the ground isn’t easy, nothing but rubble below the ca. two inches of sand on the surface.


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Thanks Fred: as described above I face similar bare summit situations to yourself so will take your suggestions and try to apply them next time. Thanks!

This is my kit:
Sotabeams ring
Mastrant wire
Vaude spikes

Hi Martin,
Like G4AZS, David VK3ILoften uses a walking pole. The tip is driven into the ground or wedged in rocks. Three guys are tied to the handle and three pegs driven in 2 to 3 metres away. When the three guys are taught you can strap a 7 m squid pole with dipole etc and it will stand up in very strong winds.

I have used this for a number of activations when there isn’t anything else to strap the mast to. A taller pole would need guying at maybe the centre with the walking pole used to hold the base steady.

The concrete posts have died out on most of the peaks I’ve been to.


Figure-9 aluminium rope tensioners from eBay (US $0.62 each). -or-
Nite Ize MiniCamJam Cord Tightener $2.49 for 2 at Cabellas. Home Depot used to carry these too, w/o rope.

Plus a suitable length of fluorescent orange 275 paracord, or similar. Extra lengths of paracord for attaching to bigger trees, etc. with loops on both ends.

No knots needed or ever used at the summit.
Inexpensive, very lightweight, flexible, low bulk, and fast. Works with poles, posts, trees, brush, dead-fall, table/chair legs, trekking poles, etc

Nite Ize Gear Ties (various lengths, bright orange). For attaching a mast to: small poles, branches, bush, fence wire, and used as anchors between/around rocks.

Stuff sacks filled with local: gravel, scree, rocks, etc., are good for anchors.

I also carry a supply of Nite Ize S-Biners, size 1 (stainless steel) and size 0 (stainless or plastic) from Home Depot and other vendors. Great for clipping antenna wire to rope/line, rope-to-rope, small branches, loops on anchors, loops on tent pegs, etc.

In the case of absolutely nothing useful for securing a pole on a peak, but guying…

option 1) put a single stake in the ground, and thread the pole on it. When using an endfed #28 wire this will support the pole fine, a system used exclusively by KE5AKL

option #2) us just two guys, the EFHW wire pulling to one side in a bracing approach supplies the third direction. Pole should lean toward the wire and away from high winds.

  • fred KT5X