Pointe du Drône (HB/VS-189) - Rock & Snow

Very nice activation today but with difficult ascent & descent due to a big layer of recent snow. We have ascent from Swiss side, followed the ridge and descent to Col de Fonteinte and then back to Col du Grand Saint Bernard. No one before us so we had to search for the path and avoid the holes under the snow. In summer this is a semi-alpinistic trail with some chains, stairs and metallic ropes but with snow the difficult raise. My friend Ivo and I are experienced so no big problems but continuous attention. The weather and temperature were perfect.
Good prop on 40m and 20m (in 30m no RNBHOLE spot so I don’t know). Anyone in response to my call on 2m. But it is all ok when you reach safe the car! . Enjoy with some pictures.
Claudio IX1IHR


Hi Claudio,
Congratulations for the delicate phase!
Thanks for the report and Nice pics!
It’s a first fresh snow of autumn 2022 that I see.


Really nice the s2s Claudio


I’ve a straight key like yours but I use only paddles key. Ciao, nice to meet you on my/your activations.

Great activation, Claudio!
Thanks for the S2S!
73 Fabio