Poggio della Rotonda LZ-189 & Monte Orsello I / AB-312 Sota week-end

Hello everyone, here I am to tell a weekend spent doing two very different sota activations. The first was done on Saturday, together with my 12-year-old son Emilio, to find a little snow we went to Abruzzo and walked up to Monte Orsello 2,174 meters (I / AB-312) which can be reached in about a hour by car and two hours of walking. On the mountain we find snow but also “clean” meadows on the southernmost side of the mountain. While Emilio built a snow igloo I did my Sota activation in qrp cw with 19 qsos performed and 3 S2S with IK2LEY / P, HB9IIO / P and 9A8RA / P. As antenna I used the usual random wire connected to the AT-100 Tuner and a Rs918 sdr. On the way back we chose the north side of the mountain where we found a lot of snow and it was a lot of fun to slide down to the valley.

On Sunday, on the other hand, taking advantage of an Emilio party towards Viterbo, I chose an easier summit, the Poggio della Rotonda, I / LZ-189 a large hill near the city of Monte Romano. With an easy half hour walk I reached the top where I found a small children’s park where he installed my radio station. The place was beautiful, full of flowers and with lots of space. I did 28 qsos in cw and ssb with 3 S2S with HB9BAB / P, SV1RVJ / P and EA7KJG / P. Overall a very pleasant activation, I used the RS918 in cw and an FT-817 for connections in SSB. A wonderful weekend with the radio and with the sota!