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Pocket-sized activation at Mt. Txaruta EA2/NV-079

A pocket-sized activation? What’s that? Let me explain:

My wife surprised me some weeks ago (last 23rd Feb) when she offered to go out to the countryside for a walk:

– You said there is a nice walk somewhere in the wild, honey, you remember where? She said to me.

After some thinking I recalled a nice walk I did some months ago to Mt. Txaruta.
– Yes, I know the place. Do you want to go there?

She proposed to prepare a sandwich and to go there for lunch.
I cleared my throat and suggested with little hope: – Do you mind if I take my tiny radio just in case…?

Tense moment of silence…

– Okay darling, what do you need if you run it?
– I just need 4 to qualify.
– All right, but don’t be long with that.

I grabbed my tiny MTR-3b with a big smile.

We did a nice walk on a beautiful afternoon, stopped by to eat our sandwiches and approached the final path to the summit. She was tired and stayed mid way laying on the grassy slope.

I accelerated to install my antenna on top and deployed my EFHW antenna. I just needed 4!

20m was clean and I planned a very quick activation so started calling CQ.

At 15:25 I logged Jan, OK2PDT with some QSB.
At 15:26 I logged Guru, EA2IF/P. To my surprise he was S2S in EA2/NV-092, really welcome!
At 15:27 I logged Manuel, EA2DT, always ready.

After some more unresponded CQ I logged the 4th with Christos SV2OXS.
Well, all done! A really pocket-sized activation.

But, wait… I quick look and I saw my wife still laying down… Watched my wristwatch and reasoned: wouldn’t it be good to get some NA DX in my log? This is the right time to do it…

I watched my smartphone and saw a spot in Sotawatch: K2JB calling further down in 14.050. I did QSY but I could only hear the chasers. Pity!
I QSYed back in 14.062 and kept on calling a bit more…

Then at 15:41 bingo! N1AW, Albert in my log.
Lars SA4BLM followed at 15:43.
After Lars, the band went silent again and my wife suddenly shouted downthere: did you get the 4 contacts yet??

Okay, I did a promise. Time to go QRT. I announced QRT but then I heard a “?” in my earbuds.
I repeated my call and, bingo! N4EX in my log, wow, thanks Rich!

My wife looking at me from her control position…

She aproached to find me on my knees writing the call in the notebook.

I was about to explain her when I received the call from NK8Q, Mark. I did the qso and this time announced again QRT holding my breath. No one replied and I closed my rig at 14:47.

Summary: 8 qso in 22 minutes at a very slow pace. Really happy with my 3 DX! A really pocket-sized activation with a pocket-sized rig!

The mighty MTR-3b

About to dismantle the aerial, in a bright day

We went all the way back and stopped here and there to take a good collection of pictures. My wife enjoyed the beauty of narcissus flowers (daffodil). They grow spontaneously in this forest creating a nice decoration.

She was happy with the beautiful day and I was too, bearing in mind my short but lucky activation.

73 de Ignacio


My wife calls that “living dangerously”! Have done it too but choose my time carefully…

Nice pics.

Andrew VK1DA/VK2UH

Hello Ignacio
Super sota day and topo.
Congrats with MTR-3b
Best 73

I am hoping to try this again with my newly acquired HB1A which I am hoping will make for a quicker and more lightweight activation. In the past, the trick (for me) has been to arrive at the summit at lunch time and then the food and a good book have kept the XYL reasonably happy while I have operated. When the wider family have been with me, they have often started to descend while I am still operating and I have caught them up part way down.

Well done on the activation and for sticking out for those Stateside contacts. :grinning:

73, Gerald G4OIG

Hi Ignacio,
There are some familiar things in these words…

Congratulations for your pocket size activation and dx qso!


Great story. You are a talented story-teller. I wonder if I can pull off something similar in an upcoming trip to Kentucky with my wife …hmmmm

Ariel NY4G