Please info about SOTA summits in SPFF OKFF OMFF H

Hello all,

I am planning a SOTA trip direction Dresden Germany and then to SP and perhaps OK,OM,HA?

Can anyone tell me what SOTA summits are in a WFF referrence as well in these countries?

Hope to work you, starting end July.

73 de Hans PA3FYG

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At least for Germany there is a very exact map showing nature parks and other WFF relevant areas. Sorry, German only.

Combined with Mario’s page (you surely know) 404 - File Not Found this is fine for DLFF.

73 de Michael, DB7MM

HAns a little help for you

We present to your attention a list of national diploma programs in a series of Flora Fauna as of June 1, 2012, established with the participation of the WFF Fund.

In reply to both.

Thanks, DLFF is ok, I want info about SPFF,OKFF,OMFF,HAFF.
I know about new ref list ( I am PAFF representative ).

Yes Mario does a good job, I use his site often.

I just want to know if there is a list with SOTA refs in a WFF.

73 de Hans

OM is the easiest because it has just 9 OMFF areas - the national parks. You can plan your hike at
and you see the borders of the parks there. Note the strict Slovak nature protection laws: hiking in the national parks is allowed only on marked trails, which makes some of the summits off limits.

For OK, a similar map with SOTA references is Mapy SOTA-OK

  • select “Mapy: Turistická” at the right for the topo map layer. The OKFF references are national parks (Národní park) and protected landscape areas (CHKO, Chránená krajinná oblast). Less restrictions here - it is ok to hike almost everywhere except of core zones (“1. zóna” on the map) of national parks and selected nature reserves (NPR, Národní prírodní rezervace) - you have to use marked trails in these.

I have activated some SPFF areas on SP/OK border - they can be seen on the Czech map above, but I’m not aware of any map or list which would show all summits in SPFFs.

73 Marek

In reply to PA3FYG:
Looking for WFF, IOTA …