Please help quench some curiosity!

Hi all,

On the SOTA “Joining in” webpage (Summits on the Air) there is a picture approx halfway down of a Yaesu FT-817 resting on the stock microphone. However, it looks as if there is a rotary switch mounted on the mic.

I have searched the web for modifications to this mic and not discovered anything that looks close. I wonder if anyone out there knows what this is and would care to enlighten me!

Sorry for being just plain nosey!!

Be safe and have fun all.

Many thanks and 73


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Hi John

Don’t panic !

The rig belongs to John G4YSS and the toggle switch on the Microphone is a home-brew addition which is used as a Morse key through the rig’s keyer - push it one way for dots and the other for dashes. Saves the weight of a Morse key.
I shall be seeing John tonight as we set up the special event station in Scarborough Lighthouse - he will be able to give you more info.

73 Roy G4SSH

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Hi John
I’ve looked at the picture and I think you’ll find it’s a toggle switch that John G4YSS uses to send CW !- very ingenious and space-saving !!

73 Graham G3OHC

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Thanks guys, its been bugging me for a while, hi hi!

What an excellent idea John has implemented, nice one.

73 and have fun.


Safety specs recommended for that mod, you could take an eye out!

M0EAV must be quite eagle eyed to have spotted it.

Details of the 160m loading coils might be interesting though.

Steve GW7AAV

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According to the handbook the up/down buttons can be used as a key, I’ve never tried it but John’s mod suggests that the buttons aren’t very good!


Brian G8ADD

I tried it a few weeks ago when my MPP didn’t appear to be working correctly. Using the microphone buttons was hopeless. All over the place at 19wpm, and not much better at 8wpm! As it was, it was only the cable plug slightly out of the MPP that was the problem.


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The buttons are far too stiff Brian and cause more errors than correct text, well thats my excuse :wink:

Roger G4OWG

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Ah. Its the same mike on the FT857D, so I will remember that and not try it!


Brian G8ADD