Pleasant, but pointless, among the Picts

That sounds reasonable although there’s no real way of knowing any of us are actually where we say we are.

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In the case of an S2S the software knows where are (your summit) and the QSO partner’s summit. So it can apply the rules for S2S chaser points you receive. You can have S2S QSOs with the same callsign again and again and as long as their S2S summit has changed.

Yes we don’t really know that people are where they claim but that’s an entirely different issue. SOTA is based on trust so if you say you are on XYZ mountain we believe you are there. Of course if you cheat you’ll get found eventually, mainly because others in the program will smell a rat and point it out to the MT. You really have to be able to fool all of the people all of the time to not get caught :slight_smile:


Yep. Points taken, but that’s the thing I don’t get:

Fraser’s S2S summit did change according to Mike’s activation report. He was on GM/ES-079 for one S2S and then, later, GM/ES-071… Surely if the system accounts for Fraser being on two distinct summits and awards him the activation points for those, it should also register that Mike had QSO’s with those two distinct summits. Mike is in Fraser’s log for both summits although one has /P after his callsign.

I’ll stop there as maybe I shouldn’t try to think on a Friday evening and it’s already way past beer o’clock.


S2S and activations are not the same thing. At no point when entering activation QSOs do you tell the software where the chasers are located. The software doesn’t know where they are so it doesn’t know they have moved. As it doesn’t know if they have moved it only counts the callsign once.


Cheers Andy. That explains it very well. :+1: