Platinum Association activations for MM0FMF and W6PNG Sunday in DL/DM land

Coincidently Andy and I will activate our 20th association (hopefully) Sunday after Friedrichshafen.

Would love to get tons of SSB and CW contacts in our respective log books!!



First summit will be Hoechsten DM/BW-854 which will be Paul’s 20th association. Then we will activate Attensberg DL/Al-276 which will be my 20th association. We did think about trying to achieve a dual 20th association but it would involve activating DL/AL-276 then DM/BW-854 and that means driving East from Friedrichshafen then all the way back to Friedrichshafen and then NW to Hoechsten and then back. Too much effort.

So we will have two 20th association activations. Paul gets #22 when we get to OE later today.

Good luck guys.
It was nice to see everyone at FN.
I’m going to the three Hegau Volcanoes today, will look out for you !
Luc, ON7DQ

That’s gone well so far. 20 Assocs for me and 21 for Paul. Coffee time now then Austria and another quick summit then Switzerland for the hotel.

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Congrats to both of you! It was great to see you both at FH.

Paul’s up to 22 now with OE! Good was completing DM/BW-854 on that. Best was both myself and Paul completing HB0/LI-012 with HB0/OE5REO/P. I didn’t expect that.

Congratulations Andy and Paul on achieving the Platinum Award.

Jimmy M0HGY

Hi Paul,
I think you need to work some CW.
While I’ve managed to chase Andy, when in your HB summit this morning, I searched for you on 40m SSB but couldn’t copy you. Then you QSYed to 14.271 IIRC and I had a permanent QRM right there. Not above nor below that QRG, just there :frowning:
Then I searched for you on 28.330 but your signals were not copyable in my QTH.
In the mean time, Andy was weak but workable on 20m CW, where we successfully completed our QSO.
Try CW, you’ll love it.


Shhhhhhh, he bought a paddle at the rally but don’t tell anyone:-)

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What’s wrong with canoeing? :smile:

It’s more of an “investment” as I managed to nab one of the last remaining Mini Paddles. If things get rough I can sell it on eBay to a real CW op who assigns enormous value to it.

Me becoming proficient at CW will require a long stay at a clinic at a secret location deep in the mountains of Central Europe.