Planning trip to Spain August/September 2017. Looking for information & joint Activation Partner(s)

Hello All:

I have just committed to a trip to Spain for late August to mid September 2017. I am seeking contacts with Spanish SOTA Activators for information and maybe arrange joint Activations?! I think I understand the Amateur Licensing requirements through CEPT. Information on Frequencies / Bands, modes, repeaters (2M / 70CM) and possible language issues would be appreciated.

Thank you in advance.

Mark, K7MAS

Hi Mark,
I see from and the ARRL database that you have a General Class Licence. Under CEPT 61-01 only Anvanced or Extra class US licence holders can take advantage of the reciprocal arrangements under the CEPT 61-01 arrangement.

However. under the ECC REC0506 regulation US General Class licencees may operate as equivalent to the CEPT Novice licence in countries who are part of the ECC Rec0506 arrangement. This means you may operate on the bands, modes and powers that the EU - CEPT Novice licence holders can.

(all US states are listed, I simply shortened this graphic)

THERE IS A PROBLEM HERE however as Spain has NOT signed up to the ECC REC0506 arrangement, only the CEPT 6101 arrangement.

In short you can only operate in the countries in the table below but not Spain (you could operate in Portugal for example but not Spain):

Note the US NOVICE class IS NOT the same as the CEPT NOVICE class - the CEPT NOVICE is a step higher.

Please check out the full documents for any updates (Spain may sign up in the interim) and if you want more information - do a web search on CEPT Recommendation T/R 61-01 and ECC Recommendation (05)06.

You can also apply directly to the Spanish Authorities for a temporary licence under the old arrangements (i.e. not through the simplified CEPT / ECC system) - perhaps some Spanish SOTAist can provide the contact details?

73 Ed.

You’ve got 8months to upgrade Mark. Or to change destination to a country that implements the CEPT novice scheme.

Hi Mark

If you couldn’t or doesn’t want to upgrade, Portugal will be a nice destination for you with plenty of SOTA possibilities.

Me and other SOTA friends will be pleased to welcome you.

An actual photo taken from CT/ES-002, Sintra, near Lisbon, the capital of Portugal.
The SOTA ref is inside an historic garden, in a World Heritage (UNESCO) site, with palaces and castles circa I century (first century)…

Vy 73


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Hello All:

Thank you for the clarification of CEPT rules (DD5LP) I was aware of these facts, and am in fact working towards my upgrade to Amateur Extra Class (USA FCC License). So including today, I have 229 days to upgrade :grinning:
I am also re-learning CW, so that maybe I can operate at lower power and still successfully Activate.

Pedro, CT1DBS/CU3HF: “Obrigado”… I thank you for the warm welcome! On this trip I don’t think we will pass through Portugal because of time problems. BUT, Portugal seems like a country worthy of a separate trip, and I look forward to meeting you in person sometime in the future.

I await any further responses from Spanish SOTA Activators. Gracias.

73, Mark, K7MAS

HI Mark,
keep an eye on that EEC REC-0506 document for updates. I would not be surprised to see Spain added to it as the method of addition of member countries changed late last year, such that any country can say that one of their classes of licence is the equivalent of the CEPT Novice licence and then the two way arrangements with other countries in the scheme can go ahead. Previously the central CEPT body had to do the comparison work and with different languages and other factors involved this took foreever!
Of course if you get up to extra level in the meantime, that a good solution, giving you more priviledges in the US as well.

By the way 5W SSB and a dipole is enough to work back to the US or even down into Australia from a Spanish summit. You just need to be there at the right time of day and the condition be a little better than they have been of late. Far easier with CW, but then where’s the challenge?

73 Ed.

Hi Mark,

living in EA2 land, there is a large group of activators and I’m sure we could arrange something if we have the chance to meet here,
Spain is big enough and either the north part (EA1-EA2-EA3), or the islands (both EA6 and EA8) are a good destination for SOTA and to enjoy from the sea side.

Let us know again in the future what are your plans and if you need assitance in my area just drop me an email, or a question in the reflector.
By the way, combining Spain and Portugal would be just perfect!

73 and stay tuned.

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Hi Ed:

Thank you again for the encouragement. By the way, on 08/March/2015, I worked Japan, France and Hawaii on 20M and 15M SSB, from Washington State, using approximately 10 watts from my KX3. see report at;

73, Mark, K7MAS

Hi Mark,
I’m not aware of your licence particularities,and the restrictions it may face should you want to operate in Spain, so I can’t help you out with this.
What I can help with is with accompanying or recommending destinations in case you are planning to come near my área. Ignacio EA2BD lives in Pamplona and I live near Pamplona (the famous town of the running of the bulls)
There are easy drive-on ones, worthing 1, 2, 4 and even more points, but also challenging ones from the 10 pointers in the Pyrenees down to anything.
I’ll be pleased to do a joint activation with you if you come around and I’m in the area, as we usually spend 4 weeks in the NorthWest coast, in Galicia.
On the other hand, if you will be in Galicia while I’m there on holidays, I’ll be also able to join you and give you some ideas about summits to actívate.
Keep in touch.


Hi Guru, EA2IF and Ignacio EA2BD:

Thank you both for kind responses! My plan so far:

Barcelona ==> Vall de Nuria: 1 - 3 days seeking EA3/GI-002; EA3/GI-006; EA3/GI-005; EA3/GI-008

Biesca ==> Vall de Tena: 8 days seeking EA2/HU-017; F/PO-103; EA2/HU-081

Madrid: 1- 4 days seeking EA4/MD-004; EA4/MD-002; EA4/MD-007

And then… my wife divorces me! (Mi esposa me los divorcios)

If I make 50%, I will be very happy!

73, Marko, K7MAS

Hi Mark,

My QTH is in Madrid, so I will be glad to meet you and activate some EA4/MD summits.
Please let me know when you have scheduled your trip, and days to spend in Madrid, etc.
As for the permits, I will ask our local authorities and let you know about.

73, Moises EA4MZ

Hi Marko,
Barcelona is 500 Km East of my QTH and Madrid is 400 Km South, which is a bit too far, but Huesca EA2/HU is not that far and we should be able to meet you after about a 1.5 hours drive.
What I can’t tell now is whether I’ll be around or not, as we usually go to Galicia for summer vacations and this happens most of the times sometime between July and August.
Well, keep us informed on the dates of your plans to see if we can do something together.
Best 73,


K7MAS/AE is very happy to report that I am now a USA Amateur Extra. It may take another week or so to show up on the FCC Database, but I passed the exam easily on July 22, 2017.

We will be in Spain from August 20 to September 13.

SOTA Plans for Spain:

One (1) week in EA2/HU staying in the village of Biescas in Pyrenees / Valle de Tena = August 27 to September 3
Four (4) days in EA4/MD and EA1/SG staying in the village of Cercedilla in NW of Madrid = September 7 to September 11

Looking for possible joint Activation hiking partner(s) and contacts. I’ll have HF (KX3) + EF Wire and 2M FM +Yagi.

73, Mark, K7MAS/AE

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Hi Mark,
I’m currently on holiday with my family in EA1/CR area but should be back home in EA2/NV by August 7th, so, family and other duties permitting, I hope to be able to join you for an activation in the Western Pyrenees area (EA2/HU or EA2/NV) when you will be around.
We’ll keep in touch.


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Hi Mark,
Congrats for your AE!!!
I will be ready on September for a joint activation in EA4/MD, so please advise when you get to Cercedilla and I hope whe can arrange some SOTA activation together.
73, Moises. EA4MZ

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