Planning the next transatlantic S2S QSO party (2019)

Over a pint in one of the local hostelries this evening, I discussed some of the questions raised so far with Paul G4MD. The following proposal came into my mind - three S2S events for 2019 as follows:

  1. Spring event in late March at a weekend
  2. Summer event in mid July on a weekday
  3. Autumn event in early November at a weekend

As they say… discuss!

73, Gerald G4OIG / G8CXK


That to me sounds like a good idea.


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I like the summer event but would vote to move the Spring event a couple of weeks later and the Autumn event a couple of weeks earlier due to weather concerns in the NE USA/Canada. It’s likely that the road to my usual summit will still be unpassable in late March.

73 Barry N1EU

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I agree on Geralds proposal. In March there will be snow but the sun is warming in July we have plenty of daylight and in November we will not freeze our buts off.

73, Jaan SM0OEK

Hmm, not many opinion so far, but we have plenty of time to resolve dates for 2019.

I wonder whether there are alternative summits without late autumn / winter / early spring access issues. Maybe even it involves a little more travel? Besides, I would like to work you on a different summit. :wink:

I agree with Barry, most of our summits here in VE3 are not accessible until sometime in April and by November weather concerns are a pretty big concern, especially the freezing rain we get around then.

73, Bill VE3FI

I’m in the midst of planning my radio activity for the spring. Has anyone had any further thoughts on the date of a spring NA-EU S2S QSO party?

Really I’m just bumping the thread :slight_smile:

This proposal sounds very good to me, as I’ll hopefully be able to take part on all three, assuming I’ll be on my summer holidays in July.


We had some offline discussion today - I suggested April 20 for the spring NA-EU S2S but Gerald G4OIG has some concerns and is still considering the options.

(fyi, April 20 is also the day for QRP to the Field 2019)

73, Barry N1EU

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It looks like QRPTTF will be on April 27th this year.

Hmm, you can’t trust people can you? Personally I am not convinced that we need the Trans-Atlantic event to be concurrent with the QRPTTF, but that’s the opinion from this side of the pond. If the S2S event is held on the same day as QRPTTF it will certainly add to the QSO total for North American activators, but it won’t have an effect over here in Europe. I think we stick with what has been decided to avoid any confusion at this late stage.

April 20th is Easter Saturday is it not? People may have family commitments limiting their involvement.

April 27th is the day before the Blackpool Radio Rally (Hamfest) in the UK. A significant number of UK activators make their way to Blackpool for the weekend, so there could be plenty of travelers breaking their journeys with a nice S2S frenzy.

Which is best? Don’t know.

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I think we stick with what has been decided to avoid any confusion at this late stage.

Please let us know what has been decided as I can’t find a fixed date in the thread.


Edit: Ah, you have to change to another thread to see the date…

Hi Pom,

Yes, we had set the date as Saturday 20th April based on the prospective date for the QRPTTF event in the States, but now the organisers of that event have come up with the following Saturday for the QRPTTF. The question is now whether we move to coincide with their date or leave it as it is. Only Pat KI4SVM has noted having put 20th April in his diary. There has been no other comment, but I am concerned that 20th April is in quite a few diaries. If it isn’t, then I am happy for it to move on a week. Whatever the participants want…

73, Gerald G4OIG / G8CXK

Just a thought… do we set up a poll to determine which date is best? Go on Andy, I know you want to. :smile:

Thanks for your answer, Gerald. Meanwhile I’ve found the date. :grinning:
I won’t say which day fits me better to avoid further confusion. But I’ll be out if I can arrange.


One of the reasons that we chose the 20th over the 27th was:
April 27th: USKA Helvetia Contest 2019 [CW,SSB,Digital | 160,80,40,20,15,10]

When Sat, 27 April, 13:00 – Sun, 28 April, 13:00

Description official website


It’s a shame that QRPTTF is now on the 27th. but the EA QRP (CW) contests are still on the 20th, so our EU-NA S2S event could run nicely into those (sprint) contests for those interested.

73 Ed.

Sorry, I wasn’t aware of the other thread. I agree that we should stick with what has been decided and announced.

They now list the date as April 20th - I guess that they earlier posted date of April 27th was in error.

Thanks for the update Malcolm. For once it seems we have a “win-win” situation - apart from those who can’t make 20th April that is!

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