Planning the next transatlantic S2S QSO party (2019)

Will that not negate your point number 2?

I can see where you are coming from but public holidays might not be the best solution


Now that I’m retired, I agree :slight_smile:

73 Barry N1EU


Not retired but rotating shifts so I like the mid-week idea.

That’s interesting, I thought the mid week (not a public holiday) option would be blown out of the water but here we have two people able to fit with that already (three with me).

In answer to your question Barry, if I still go on a busy day, perhaps I need to find a point away from the actual summit in the future. Don’t get me wrong - I’m very happy to explain the hobby to anyone who is interested, but the “young lady” deliberately damaging someone elses property seriously annoyed me off.

Here’s my completed activation report in any case:

73 Ed.

Is this not obligatory on summits where the public number more than an occasional hiker? You need a pair of headphones and dark glasses as a defence against interrogation Ed. :wink: Seriously, the best summits are those on which I am virtually guaranteed to be alone or with other activators. Unfortunately these tend to be more remote and so not particularly suitable for early or late activations on account of the access or egress in the dark.

Weekday vs weekend - personally it matters not to me, but having it on a weekday inevitably will rule out some wishing to take part. I can see a summer event, probably on a weekday, working well when the solar cycle has improved.

Personally the limiting environmental factor this time of year is freezing rain. It can make driving and hiking next to impossible and operating quite difficult. … But that can happen here any time fron mid-October to mid-December so probably not a consideration for the timing of the Fall event. On the other hand one of the frequent VE2 operators has hung up his trekking poles for the winter. Perhaps an earlier date would encourage him to participate next year :wink:

There are a lot of considerations, adverse weather, propagation, hours of daylight. This time of year hunting season keeps me off some trails. I think Gerald, Ed, and Barry have done a great job choosing the timing so far.

I really enjoy these S2S events, please let’s continue them - at least until trans-atlantic S2S becomes commonplace.

I originally voted to have the Spring event on the same day as QRPTTF. I have changed my mind as I now realize that my goals are different for the two events. For example, I would like to run higher power for the S2S event and maybe a more directional antenna. So I would like the Spring event moved away from QRPTTF.

I am in this category. I worked Friday and was back in at work Sunday, so I had to push myself to get out for Saturday’s event. If there had been another S2S event next weekend, I probably would have given this one a miss. I don’t know what event frequency hits the sweet spot either.

I am in the work Monday to Friday camp and my vote is to continue to hold the events on weekends or holidays.

Malcolm VE2DDZ

The weekend or non-weekend issue is solved by having one event over a weekend and one on a weekday, assuming just 2 events per year.

I prefer the weekends as many of the Arizona ops are still working (like me). Week days would reduce the number of ops that could participate.

November works well here in Arizona for this event. Historically November is our best month for EU-NA DX (based on my 53 years worth of logs).

When the solar cycle improves we could move the event a bit, but I believe we are a few years out from “good” conditions in September or October.

For now I would leave it as is.



Some of the visitors were a pleasure to talk with. I haven’t had such issues in the past but in the future I will be trying to avoid “the madding crowds”.

I’ll second that but why stop when transatlantic S2S becomes commonplace (if ever!) the events with widespread high levels of activator participation will always have a special “buzz” about them - twice a year per event is just right to balance novelty and opportunity :slight_smile:

73 de Paul G4MD/G6GGP


Hi Mario,
I think your post about your activation would be better in this other thread:

Over a pint in one of the local hostelries this evening, I discussed some of the questions raised so far with Paul G4MD. The following proposal came into my mind - three S2S events for 2019 as follows:

  1. Spring event in late March at a weekend
  2. Summer event in mid July on a weekday
  3. Autumn event in early November at a weekend

As they say… discuss!

73, Gerald G4OIG / G8CXK


That to me sounds like a good idea.


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I like the summer event but would vote to move the Spring event a couple of weeks later and the Autumn event a couple of weeks earlier due to weather concerns in the NE USA/Canada. It’s likely that the road to my usual summit will still be unpassable in late March.

73 Barry N1EU

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I agree on Geralds proposal. In March there will be snow but the sun is warming in July we have plenty of daylight and in November we will not freeze our buts off.

73, Jaan SM0OEK

Hmm, not many opinion so far, but we have plenty of time to resolve dates for 2019.

I wonder whether there are alternative summits without late autumn / winter / early spring access issues. Maybe even it involves a little more travel? Besides, I would like to work you on a different summit. :wink:

I agree with Barry, most of our summits here in VE3 are not accessible until sometime in April and by November weather concerns are a pretty big concern, especially the freezing rain we get around then.

73, Bill VE3FI

I’m in the midst of planning my radio activity for the spring. Has anyone had any further thoughts on the date of a spring NA-EU S2S QSO party?

Really I’m just bumping the thread :slight_smile:

This proposal sounds very good to me, as I’ll hopefully be able to take part on all three, assuming I’ll be on my summer holidays in July.


We had some offline discussion today - I suggested April 20 for the spring NA-EU S2S but Gerald G4OIG has some concerns and is still considering the options.

(fyi, April 20 is also the day for QRP to the Field 2019)

73, Barry N1EU

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