Planning sota outting

It’s my birthday tomorrow and have got the day off so want to go do some hill walking and sota radioing too. I’m based in North East and it doesn’t look ideal weather. I’m open to suggestion on hills in North Pennines location I could go? Probably best stick to 2m FM due to wind forcast.

Happy Birthday Anthony ! :birthday:
I’ll leave the North Yorkshire lads to recommend a summit, but my experince on G/TW-002 with wet and windy weather says they can be quite inhospitable, so make sure you have everything waterproof. I’m guessing NP summits will be similar to the northern TW ones as regards weather.

73 Ed.

Thanks. Yeah those TW summits may not be high but they make up for it in the weather lol.

Happy Birthday Anthony,

A good choice would be Great Whernside G/NP-008 has a great shelter within the activation zone, using a handheld to a slim jim antenna on a 3-4m pole worked for me on a windy summit yesterday.
Have a look on the summit page plenty of info with a recent report from G4OBK Phil showing the parking spot and route information.


Hi Anthony

Graeme’s suggestion is pretty good. If you are feel you want to do two summits Great Whernside and Buckden Pike can be done from the same parking spot. An easier one is Great Knoutberry Hill but you may need high power on this one for a 2m operation. Another good pair are Penyghent and Fountains Fell usually easy to qualify on 2m.


Thanks. I’m heading to great whernside and depending on time n weather buckden pike.