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Planned activations in DL/AL around "Rappenseehuette"

Hi everyone,

wx permitting, I’m trying to activate a couple of summits around “Rappenseehuette” on Wednesday, September 5th and Thursday, September 6th.

The current plan is to activate DL/AL-006 (Rotgundspitze, not activated yet) on Wednesday morning and OE/TI-160 (Hohes Licht) around noon of the same day.
On Thursday, I’ll try DL/AL-005 (Hochgundspitze) and DL/AL-004 (Rappenseekopf) in the morning. DL/AL-003 (Hochrappenkopf) is optional in the early afternoon. All summits are 10- pointers and haven’t been activated for many years.
Plans may change depending on the weather and other circumstances. It is possible that I “squeeze” another summit in on Wednesday afternoon.
I’ll announce my current reference every other minute or so. Please don’t obey the cluster without questioning.

In order to save weight, I’ll be using my MTR-3B with 2…3 Watts output power. So please send a spot if you can hear me :wink:

Thanks and hope to cu!
Roman - DL3TU/p