Planned activation OZ/OZ-003 2016-04-10

Just a heads up - planning to activate OZ/OZ-003 tomorrow, est. on air 11UTC +/-.
Will post a proper alert once I have a more accurate schedule, however I’m uncertain on my ETA, so it may be short notice.
Freq 14.058 and 10.110 (?? any recommendations on 30m frequency appreciated).

cheers and 73

Hi Søren!

Not the nicest Danish summit?, but sure would like to chase you for a complete.

If you put out an alert you will be spotted by the “rbnhole” so excact qrg is not that important. I tend to use 10.120 - 10.125.
Are you also qrv on 40m? ( Guess that would work better to south Norway)

Hope to catch you from the summit.
Best 73 de
Aage, LA1ENA

I can try 40m, I’ll need to bring another antenna which isn’t quite as portable :wink: What is the usual SOTA freq. on 40m CW? Never done it before :slight_smile:


And no, not the nicest, but on I haven’t activated yet, and I’m in the area anyways :wink:

Always nice to do a new summit.
Guess this is the danish summit with the longest walk in. ( Still not a very long walk.hi).

The most popular qrg on 40m is 7.032, but +/- around there should be fine.

I might also try to do a summit tomorrow, so maybe a s2s. Good luck tomorrow and maybe we do a qso.


I started SOTA in LA last summer and plan to return this year - agreed, danish summits simply aren’t the same challenge! :slight_smile: But still, it’s fun, and there is NO noise :smiley: 73, maybe I’ll hear you tomorrow

Please give me a notice if you ar near my area, and we might do a joint activation. I saw you were in LA/AA last year, and thats not very far, Best wishes for tomorrow. GL


Thanks - I’ll keep you posted :slight_smile: