Planned activation - Mt Watatic W1/CR-009 April 16 14:30 UTC

Planned activation - Mt Watatic W1/CR-009 April 16 14:30 UTC

If anyone in New England is interested, I will be making my first attempt at 2 meter SSB for part of this activation. Keep an eye on the spots for me. Expecting to call on 144.200 I’ll try 2M for a while, and then go over to my usual HF mode. There may be some SSTV or digimode HF operation if time permits.

As an added bonus, my XYL - KB1ZGQ might be convinced to pic up the mic (she’s shy!) Go easy on her :innocent:

A great day out in the fresh air! XYL got a case of mic fright and looked at me with mute horror when I tried to hand her the mic, so I did all the activating today.

10,17,20,30,40(15) linked dipole on SOTABeams 10 meter telescoping mast
SignaLink USB data adapter
Navy Flameproof key
Measuring tape Yagi for 2M

The SOTABeams mast was new to me (have been using a Jackite 31 foot prior), and found this new mast to be much more flexible, and my guying wasn’t sufficient to get it to work at full height. Attached the antenna further down and managed fine. Might go back to the jackite next time, but I like the compact pole for carrying.

Started out with a 5 watt WSPR test on 20 meters and was hitting CONUS and Western Europe OK, so decided to stay on that band. Many good SSB QSO’s. I think I missed a couple of folks in pileups, so apologies to anybody who got caught in the mess. The wind was gusting and I wasn’t using headphones, so hearing was something of a problem at times. Needed to dig out the earbuds at least. Got two S2S on 20 at least. One successful QSO with Sweden, and one unfortunate unsuccessful QSO EA2UL, when we doubled, but when I asked for a repeat, he had apparently moved on. Booming signal. Not sure why he didn’t come back. Oh well, that’s ham radio! :slight_smile:

Attempted some 2 meter SSB, but got no takers. There was a big VHF convention this weekend, so the local guys were pretty thin on the ground. I might set up something in advance with some of them next time just to see if it works at all. Antenna was fun anyway.

Activity seemed to die down, so went to 40 meters for a while. Not very active band today for some reason, but made a couple of QSOs and one S2S.

The trail was a new one to me, as we had gone on the more direct, but steeper trail last time we went up Mt Watatic. Met a lot of nice folks on the trail and had a wonderful day of it. Thanks to all the chasers for their help and repeats.

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