Plankogel OE/ST-227

Very nice weather on the Plankogel this morning. High pressure has brought some welcome respite from the wintery weather:

There have been a few freeze / thaw cycles now, so the snow is hardening up nicely; I was up to my knees on Osser last week. There was a nice opening opening on 20m, which got ZL1BYZ in the log. It pays to get up early it seems. My apologies to Fabio IK2LEY: sorry I missed you. Mobile coverage was a little patchy, so whilst I got my spots to the website, none came through on my phone. Thinking I might not be getting spotted, I tried APRS, but only got ‘dupe’ for my trouble. I will try to check the website next time. Apart from that, everything went very well:

Conditions will be favourable for all the summits in the Fischbacher Alpen this coming week. Make hay while the sun shines.
73 de OE6FEG


Don’t worry, Matt, thanks anyway, hope to catch you soon, maybe for a S2S.
73’s Fabio IK2LEY

Nice pictures Matt!
Tks for the QSO on 40m. Very gd sign.

73, Sake

Was listening for you but couldn’t hear you :unamused:. But difficult from North to South or vice versa……

Maybe next time!
73, Sylvia

My antenna was oriented roughly east west, that probably didn’t help. Also, I have to start early in order to be back in time for work.