Pileup Andrew, HB0/VK1AD/P

Today I was lucky enough to hear and record the pileup of Andrew, HB0/VK1AD/P on HB0/LI-004.
My location was a small hill near the fairground in the south of Hannover, called Kronsberg. Unfortunately it’s no Sota summit.

Enjoy listening to the involved Sota family here in Europe.

73 Chris, DL1CR


Hi Chris

Sorry I didn’t work you. I heard your callsign at 11:12 UTC and wrote DL1 in my log book but DK1QF called over you so I thought the original call was DK1QF.

Thanks for taking the time to record the video and audio. Every VK should have the opportunity to experience an EU pileup, I have to say it’s hard work on a summit when so many stations call over the top of each other whilst also listening for S2S calls… In VK a pileup might consist to 3 or 4 stations calling at once :slight_smile:

Herbert OE9HRV is thinking we will activate a summit tomorrow (Friday) most likely in the afternoon. I hope I will have a 2nd opportunity to work you.

73, Andrew OE/VK1AD

HI Andrew,

I have heard you yesterday but I was not able to work you in the pile up. May be Friday ? I wish you a nice stay in OE and a lot of S2S.
Please transmit my greetings to my friend Herbert.

73’s de Laurent F8CZI

Hi Chris
Excellent video’s, well done always good to see & hear other stations working Sota Activations.
73’s Ken G0FEX

Hi Andrew,

oh, that does not matter that it did not work out with me.

As Ken, G0FEX says, it was fun to hear you and the many well-known Sota friends. And I enjoyed how relaxed and skillfully you mastered the Pileup.

I wish you many more beautiful days during your visit here in Europe

73, Chris DL1CR

Saw your spots today (Friday) Andrew - but you were at (or under) my noise level most of the time. I did try one call on 20m but when I wasn’t sure if you came back to me or not I waited and it seems you went back to an HB9.

The contact if possible would have needed to be ground wave and while I’m confident I could have pumped enough RF across the ground in your direction, there’s no point If I can’t hear you coming back HI.

A question - what antenna were you using on 20 metres? Was it a vertical? My antennas here are both horizontal and while a sky-wave contact doesn’t matter what polarisation you are using I suspect (but don’t know) that a cross polarised Groundwave contact may lose many dB of signal.

At least the forecast storms seem to have held off.

73 Ed.

Hi Chris

Terrific to make the S2S QSO with you today. I did see your alert and was hoping 40m propagation would be kind to all SOTA activators. I am very pleased to have made the QSO.

I struggled to hear Juerg HB9BIN/P at HB/OW-025 on 40m. After many attempts on 40m we eventually made a weak S2S exchange on 80m followed by a good S2S QSO on 20m.

73, Andrew OE/VK1AD

Hi Ed

Herbert’s 20m antenna is a vertical half-wave J pole.
I worked three HB9s on 20m: Ambrose HB9AGH, Juerg HB9BIN/P and Hans HB9BHW.


Hi Andrew,

I am also very happy to have reached you.

By chance, I read your spot when you just pushed it. And immediately listen to your “Is this frequence occupied?”.

As soon as your PileUp started, I started calling. At that moment, I was approached by a game warden.
I had made myself comfortable on a hunter’s seat (see video) and he said, I should leave immediately.

So I packed everything and changed the place. Fortunately, you were still qrv and have responded immediately to my request. Blessing in disguise!

73, Chris

Andrew, I made an audio recording of our contact and added some pictures from my holiday photos to the Alps.
Enjoy the beautiful Alpine countries. I can not wait to be there again!

73 Chris