Pile up recording of YO6SM in LA

Today i had the pleasure of listening to YO6SM during his pile up on a summit in LA.

By the way. A few days ago, the speaker on my KX2 broke. Fortunately, I had a pair of headphones with me and was very surprised at how good the receiver sounded. Of course I will replace the speaker, but in the future I will only hear with headphones.

When I recorded the pile up, I held one of the phones on my cell phone. Unfortunately not always directly to the microphone, so the volume fluctuates.

73 Chris


Hi Chris

I always use headphones on the summits since I can much better detect weak SSB signals in the noise. Additionally, I’m not happy with loudspeaker noise on a summit, since I don’t want to annoy people or bother animals. Using Shure ear plugs here, and I’m happy with them so far.

Vy 73 de Markus, HB9DIZ


Hi Chris
Nice video!

@HB9DIZ: i have also been thinking about using headphones. But currently it is not possible as my radio does not support them. Maybe one day if i buy a second radio…
About the animals: i share my nuts with the birds on almost every summit, the least they can do is listen to my QSO! :sweat_smile:

73 Sabrina HB3XTZ