Pile up recording of DL9SP

Today I enjoyed the pile up at home on the balcony … from Stephan, DL9SP.
Since I have too much qrm in downtown Hanover, I work via a remote station in the Herrenhausen Gardens 5km away and use the Android app from Remote Hams.

Congrats, Stephan.
73 Chris


Thanks for posting this Chris as it shows that Stefan wasn’t actually answering me so I’d better delete the log entry.
Long time no hear Chris, so I hope we will be in contact soon. Stay safe and best 73
2E0AGB Allen

Hi Chris,

Unfortunatly I think this activation might be invalid as the wrong CEPT prefix was used.

I noticed the spot and was wondering…

Instead of just simply using OE/ the prefix OE7/ was used.


Under current regulations this is not foreseen in Austria according to my knowledge to be used as CEPT prefix for visitors.



(6) Der Inhaber einer ausländischen CEPT-Lizenz hat beim Amateurfunkbetrieb im Bundesgebiet seinem Heimatrufzeichen das Präfix „OE/“ voranzustellen und allenfalls das Suffix „/M“ (mobile) bzw. „/P“ (portable) nachzustellen.

It looks like it was the very first SOTA activation for the operator so I feel sorry to bring that up.
I guess the SOTA MT will need to decide on the issue.

73 Joe