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Pictures from my First SOTA Activation

If anyone is interested I have some pictures taken during my Activation of Dent LD-045 yesterday evening, look on my Website here:



Hi Colin

I wish I had experienced the clear view you had from Dent - when I was up there on 18th May the Scotch mist had rolled in from Galloway and we could see about 50m. Well done on your first of many activations (no doubt).

73 Phil G4OBK

In reply to G4OBK:

Thanks Phil, it was actually a lot more misty than the camera made it look but luckily we were just above it. It was beautifully clear into the hills but we were rapidly being surrounded by the mist coming in from the sea.
Yes, I think I’ve caught the activating bug and perhaps more importantly the XYL has as well as chief organiser but I think with a bit of encouragement I can get her to go for her license, she is asking lots of technical questions so fingers crossed.


In reply to 2E0XSD:

Cracking photos Colin. Visibility was a maximum of 50 metres when I was there… seems like I missed some good views. Thanks for letting me know what it could have been like :slight_smile:

73 Gerald

P.S. Knott and Binsey soon… just 2 weeks of horrible shack fever to endure first!

In reply to 2E0XSD:
What kind of rig was that?


In reply to N2YTF:

The pictures are all a bit ‘bijou and compact’ but it looks like an FT-290MK1.


In reply to MM0FMF:

Yep, it’s a Yaesu FT-290R Mk1 and also an Intek H-520 for 10mFM&AM.