Pics from last weeks GM/SS trip

I`ve put a few pics on flikr from last weeks trip. It was an enjoyable few days, but wx was mainly wet and windy with lots of QRN from thunderstorms on the bands. I took a few short video clips so will try to edit them into something watchable and post on youtube if it will let me.

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First video available, will do another when I`ve more time.

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It was a shame you had fairly diabolical weather but after 10 years living in GM I can safely say that July is monsoon month. The WX picks up mid-August and is normally nice for September and October.

Good to see you do a few of my favourite SS hills including Minch Moor, White Meldon and Windlestraw Law (even if Windlestraw Law is a godforsaken bog in places). The video looks good and it’s interesting to see Minch Moor without a white coat. Every time I’ve been up it there has either been snow laying on the ground or it snowed whilst I was walking. Didn’t know about the flies though, I hope you’ve taken them back to Buxton with you!


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Hello Steve,

Thank you so much for playing in our SOTA contact from summit GM/SS-253 on 13th July. I worked from my holiday QTH in the Dolomite Mountains as IK/OE7PHI.
It’s always a pleasure to hear your good signals here in Austria.

Keep on your excellent activations,
cu, best 73

OE7PHI, John

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Thanks for the contact John.
Another bit of video at Summits on the air (SOTA) in South Scotland 2 - YouTube
Don`t worry - its only 5 mins this time.

last but not least, a couple of G/SB summits:-

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It was very nice to work you on Ros Hill Steve, although I won’t be able to claim the chaser point. 40 Metres was absolutely dire at my location that day & I could not hear you at all, despite my noise level not being particluarly bad at the time. I could only just hear Phil G4OBK when he worked you & there was no trace of Mike GW0DSP on my antenna when he worked you later, despite the good reports you gave each other both ways & Mike not being that much further away than me.

60m should have been good over the distance at that time so I listened to you on 40m via a Web receiver based in the Netherlands, & working on the assumption that you would be able to hear a lot better than me I gave you a call.

Surprisingly you gave me 51, but there was still no trace of you at my end via my own antenna. It was a little confusing hearing my side of the QSO coming back through my headphones with a short delay but I managed to ask if you could try 60m later. Sadly as your 60m antenna was in the car that would not be possible, but in any case it was nice to have the QSO with you, despite the method I used meaning I cannot claim the chaser contact. As far as I understand, you can log the actvator QSO as vaild as you were operating within the rules.

I listened later on your second summit & you were just detectable here, but sadly not strong enough to work.

From Ros Hill I would say you were about 57 in the Netherlands :wink:

As I mentioned earlier 40m was dire at my location that day, almost as if their was a black hole in the ionosphere directly above Blackburn,but I mustn’t grumble, I have had my fair share of QSO’s were other stations struggle to hear an activator while I can hear them clearly.

Thankfully 40m was in much better shape this morning while I passed the time chasing some DX as I couldn’t sleep. I was one of only a few who worked KP2/AA1BU on 40m SSB at 59/57 & even worked YN4SU on 30m…CW!

(With apologies to Walt G3NYY for the above ;))

So my gear does work ok sometimes, it must have been the sky that was broken last Friday. HI!

I look forward to working you again soon,
Best 73,

Mark G0VOF

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Thanks for trying Mark - my noise level on Ros Hill was below S1 so I could hear almost anyone who called, unlike a lot of the GM/SS summits where I suffered up to S9 QRN from thunderstorms. I was disappointed by the lack of sporadic E throughout the week. I activated 18 summits & checked 10m on each of them. I only heard a solitary HB9 on Sell Moor Hill and nothing at all on the other 17. I don`t know if the reason was just bad propagation or the fact I was 2 degrees further North than at home - or more likely a combination of the 2.
73 Steve.