Photo upload?

There used to be a link on the Sota web page to upload photos of ones own activations. I am refering to the ever changing pictures on, not the foto album on flickr. I remember, that there was a detailed explanation specifying file sizes etc, but I cannot find it anymore.

Has this been removed? Can somebody point me to the right link?

Finally got some good SOTA pictures from today’s activation of OE/OO-096 together with OE5PGL.

73 Heinz, OE5EEP

In reply to OE5EEP:

Hi Heinz,

I removed this when I took over the website from Richard because we had a huge backlog of submitted photographs which I haven’t even begun to tackle.

My preferred aproach would be instead to integrate a selection from Flickr. Perhaps photos on flickr could receive votes and the best could be shown on the sota website. I belive this should be possible but haven’t had the chance to look into it yet.

Any thoughts anyone?

73, Jon

In reply to GM4ZFZ:

Hi Jon

There are a number of ways that Flickr users rate photos. The first one is the number of views. The second one is the number of people that have that photo in their favorite (American spelling!!) list. See:
The third one is the number of “Wow” comments. There may be others.

I don’t know how you would automate any of this - maybe it doesn’t need automating.

Give me a buzz on Skype if you want to discuss.

73 John GW4BVE

In reply to GW4BVE:

If we do it on number of views then the photo of Clive’s foot is likely to be high on the list!!!

73 John GW4BVE