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Perth - Oykell Bridge, suggestions sought

Later in the year I may well be driving from Perth to Oykell Bridge (Scotland) by way of support for a friend who is backpacking from Dover to Cape Wrath. To break up the drive I could do with a nice easy summit close to a road that can be done in say 2 hours. Any suggestions?

A few suggestions, but 2 hours for an activation of any of them is perhaps ambitious.

Moncreiffe Hill (GM/SS-276) right next to Perth - shortest walk.
Birnam Hill - King’s Seat (GM/SS-221) at Dunkeld. Start at the train station.
Creag Ruadh (GM/CS-092) at the side of the A9 at Drumochter. Cross country and steep flog to the summit.
Meall Mor (GM/CS-109) just south of Inverness.


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Thanks. I was thinking that rather few GM summits can be tackled in 2 hours but always worth asking for local input! I will have a cyclocross bike with me which might help.

Moncrieffe Hill is certainly easy and relatively quick to walk up (I did it in the dark). It’s also suitable for a bike activation. I wouldn’t rely on 2m though

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In addition to Colwyn’s suggestions, GM/NS-138 Struie Hill. The quickest way to Oykell Bridge is over the B9176 (The Struie) from Alness. The summit is probably only 20 minutes from the road, although I have only been to the northern Struie summit with comms tower.
73 Gavin

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