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Permit Required W2/GC-020 state park lands

I consider it “placing” a fish pole and wire in a bush or between rocks for a very short time, not “installing”. I remember being approached by an “official” or volunteer on a summit about three times but never was told to pack up and not operate. Hopefully this will not continue to be a problem for SOTA operations.


Those dang “fish poles” at the top of the mountains. Must be some illegal fishing of some sort :wink:

Every encounter I have had has been a positive one. More where I educated the person/volunteer. Once I told them what I was doing I usually got a “oh cool” or “wow that sounds great”.

You know I think what we need here is an opinion letter from the New York State Parks Dept head along the lines of the letter ARRL Hudson Division got from New York State Motor Vehicles Dept. regarding mobile operating:


I have suggested that to ARRL—lets see if they can get something done.

Tom, N2YTF

I’m not sure if that’s worth the effort Tom. How many NYS SOTA summits actually fall inside State Parks? The vast majority of SOTA summits in the Catskills and Adirondacks are in state forest preserves and not under NYS Parks Dept jurisdiction. W2/GC-020 is one of the exceptions, since it’s adjacent to Minnewaska State Park.

73, Barry N1EU

Huh I did not consider that…although I have to say I feel like many and perhaps most summits in my neck of the woods are state parks…certainly W2/GC-077, W2/EH-003, W2/EH-019, W2/GC-054, W2/GC-055, W2/GC-076, W2/GC-021 are all State Parks but that’s not a complete list. I think if you look at the map maybe most summits near NYC are in State Parks…whether they be in NY, NJ, or CT.
If the State Parks follow NY’s lead there might not be many SOTA summits near population centers that can be activated…

Tom, N2YTF

Reminds me of when myself and the YL set up in an unused picnic area near the campground of a State Park for a POTA activation. The campground hosts drove up their golf cart and the YL whispers “BUSTED.”

The host walks up an introduces himself with his callsign! :joy: