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Pen y Garn GW/MW-004

A rather nice day out, if a little windy.

In my enthusiasm to get started, I wrote the summit reference at the top of the log page as “GW/NW -004” (despite my earlier alert being correct) and sent a self spot with the same duff info.

I notice that Paul M0CQE spotted me correctly a few minutes later even though we didn’t manage a QSO - many thanks Paul.

Anyway, I mentioned the wrong reference over the air to Craig MW0MXT, Rod M0JLA, Stuart G4VMF, and possibly Ian G4WTF before Jim EI9GLB called me back to query the reference, and all became clear.
I sent a correction spot, but to any of the above who didn’t pick up on it, my apologies, and please amend logs accordingly. Many thanks to Jim!

After closing down on 2 metres, I argued with the wind until it grudgingly allowed me to get a doublet a few metres into the air. I called CQ on 5.3985 MHz, and worked Jake G1YFF straight away. I then heard Martin MI1MAJ/P setting up on GI/SM-001, and completed a welcome S2S, thanks Martin.

I realised that I had probably bounced onto Martin’s activation, so I moved up a channel to leave him the frequency. An operator malfunction left me 1KHz into no man’s land (well, not this man’s anyway) and this was politely pointed out to me by another Amateur - he did correctly identify himself, but I won’t mention the call sign. Thank you, I appreciate your quick action.

I have the channels saved in memory in the FT817, but I haven’t included a “lock” setting in the stored memory - not sure if that is possible, but will investigate. Without this set manually, it is very easy to nudge the VFO knob, which is what I think must have happened.

Despite a spotting attempt for my new freq, I managed no more contacts on 60m.

Here is a photo looking down on the neighbouring wind turbines:

Thank you to all contacts, and to all who listened for me,



Hi Adrian,
This has happened to me sometimes and I always try to push the LOCK key as soon as I’ve found a clear frequency and I’m ready to start the activation.
I don’t think this is something programmable in the memorized channel itself.
Best 73 de Guru


Hi Adrian

Sorry I missed you but had to visit the dentist …you would have been end stopping at my qth :frowning: Glad you had nice weather although thunder storms and rain have now moved in this evening. As Guru suggested I also use the Lock button on the 817 when I remember :slight_smile: Thanks for the report, confession and pic :slight_smile:

73 Allan

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