Peel Fell G/SB-004 the long way and sometimes the wrong way

Here is the last of my reports covering activations in the UK. I’m back in the States now.

Paul W6PNG


Another well told story.

The bird is/was a Wheatear a migrant of uplands/rocky places.

Hi Paul,
This was a view of the summit cairn on the 15th December 2017

I enjoyed reading your reports, I have activated Peel Fell three times, once as GM0EVV/P. There is some dangerous land on the GM side due to gloopy peat filled mortar shell holes. I know a man who went up to his armpits and had to be pulled out by his friends. My route is up from the Kielder side.

Have fun


Hi Paul,

Many thanks for another interesting report. I found the forest to be friendly on this one so took Jim’s route up with family in the lead… well I was carrying my kit! Very pleasant hill. Might do it again someday.

73, Gerald G4OIG

You can say that again! When I was there the mist was really thick and I needed my GPS to get from the cairn to the GM AZ. I made sure I had GPS and compass bearings to get back. Lots of detours around the “gloop pits” needed.

After the mist started to lift on the way back and standing in England.

Paul, there is a UK RADAR system call Linesman which would have fitted in with your football theme. Sadly the RADAR you found on Deadwater Fell is not a Linesman but a Watchman. It’s a quite powerful S-band RADAR for military ATC in this area.

“The opening verse of one of Vaughn William’s Five Mystical songs The Call falters off my lips. “Come, my way, my truth, my light ……” I’m in England and who better to conjure the bucolic land through music than Vaughn Williams.”

But try it in a storm and you may well be thinking of RVW’s fourth symphony!

I had rather assumed that the probability of an interest in RVW’s music and SOTA was to put it mildly rather low but it now appears not as low as anticipated. Anyone fancy putting togerther an infinite improbability drive?

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Not sure, but there’s an infinite number of monkeys outside that want to talk to us about this script for Hamlet they’ve worked out.

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Earworms are not often welcome, but I don’t mind having The Call running through my head. not at all.


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Makes sense that the soccer ball was military in nature versus civil. The green camouflage should have been a clue for me. Watchman is a great name.



Beyond RVW and SOTA being shared interests, apparently astronomy and ham radio are two interests that go hand in hand more than we might expect.


I’ll dig into my RVW collection and refresh my memory on his 4th. Certainly the 5 Mystical Songs are quite well known as is the Lark Ascending. Maybe I should try the later when next activating in the UK assuming the ambient conditions warrant it.