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Peaks and Parks in JA Land

Hello all,

Many summits are in the national parks and prefectural nature parks in Japan. Several leading JA SOTA activators have sent their logs to the JAFF coordinator, myself, since the start of the JAFF award program in August last year.
Some OC SOTA chasers have received JAFF awards already. We find that some SOTA chasers in North America appear to have accumulated JAFF points close to the required number of references for the JAFF Bronze Award. A few may have reached to that number already. As the KFF/POTA is new and NA SOTA participants may not be aware of the fact, I would like to take this opportunity to inform concerned people of this opportunity.
A JAFF award can be applied via the WWFF home page like other national flora and fauna awards. Once one signs up to the page, it is very easy to apply for awards.
Please see the following page for the information about the JAFF awards:

Nobi, JA1JCF