Pace egging at easter

In common with tradition a Pace-Egging and SOTA Picnic will take place in the English Lake District on Wed 15 Apr at 1200 hrs.

As usual there will be a mad theme and this time it will be silly knickers - worn in Superman style please.

Please e-mail if you are interested in attending.

More precise details to follow.

Hi Myke,

Me and my Dad might turn up to the pace-Egging event if we’re available when the time comes. Wonder which LD summit you have in mind Myke!

Jimmy M3EYP

In reply to M3EYP:

For the actual pace-egging (takes on a different meaning depending on which locality you reside in) was thinking originally of the gentle slope from Fairfield to Grizedale Tarn. That would afford the opportunity of starting at Red Screes, nipping over to Fairfield to St Sunday Crag and back, then onto Helvellyn (via Seat Sandal). Bag a load of points.

It is still the original suggestion - Tom knows the location

In reply to G6DDQ:

I may well be available that day.


James M0ZZO

In reply to M0ZZO:
Last time i did a pace-egg race it was on holcombe hill. A little humps near to my old qth. Wont be able to attend in the week. But a weekend just might be the tonic. Hope to catch a few of old friends on sota. In a couple of weeks from the lakes as a party of walkers are out steve

The date is confirmed: Wed 15 April on a huge hill in the English Lake District, not near to any Lakes mind you, called Loughrigg Fell. There is normally an ice-cream van in the car-park on the main Rydal to Keswick Rd

All eggs must be raw.

High Close YH on Tue 14 Apr - good starting point

Please confirm your attendance and remember the dress code

Jimmy and I will be there, to activate the only SOTA hill in the world I have climbed in the past but never activated. Did it with groups of schoolkids as an NQT in 1993 and 1994. We stayed at High Close on those school “camps” as well! Funnily enough, the camp leader, who was also the Head of Maths in that school, kept telling all the students that there was an ice cream van at the top!

It is rather near to lakes actually, as the route we took was High Close YH - Intake Wood - summit - Loughrigg Terrace - Grasmere for swimming (the heated lake) - Red Bank - High Close YH. Is there any parking round there if not hostelling though?

Intending nipping across to do Baystones LD-039 afterwards.

73, Tom

In reply to M1EYP:

As far as I am aware there is no parking on the YH / Langdale / Elterwater side of Loughrigg. From the YH would ascend via Loughrigg Terr and then nip up the footpath. Alternatively would drive round the Water to the car park twixt Rydal Water and Grasmere. Last time I used this car-park there was no charge, of course that may have changed.

Each time I have been up onto this fell it has rained. Once with Stuart some years ago when we had an electrical storm and the last time it was just continuous rain - perfect weather. How ever the views from the top are super, at least on a fine day.

Hi Myke,

According to Richard’s (G3CWI) tip the car park costs £2.70 for 2 hours.

Jimmy M3EYP

Jimmy and I have to pull out of this one, sorry. Jimmy has just had the timetable for GCSE booster classes at his school in the holidays, and his programme runs on the 14th and 15th of April.

This is a shame as we were looking forward to the event, but priorities and all that…

We may try to get out SOTAing that weekend though, be it Friday, Saturday or Sunday (or two or three of those).

Sorry to mess you about Myke.


In reply to M1EYP:
Have not got the stand-by rota for anything after the 15th so cannot commit as yet. Not a problem though as will do Bowfell and Scafell (002) on the Tue and have a play around Scandale and Swiss Bridge on Wed.

Thanks for the info.

Hope Jimmy enjoys his revision sessions