I have just been told by Tim the William’s Son, that our dear friend William PA0WLB peacefully passed away yesterday (07/04/2017). I guess i am one of his last qso. I am so sad i cannot say anything else.
Gerald F6HBI

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Very sorry to hear. True gentleman. Met him here in Norway a few years ago, while he was visiting his mothers birthplace (Kragerø).
Was always a pleasure to have William in my log. Will miss him.


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Sorry for the loss of your friend Gerald. I think you expressed your feelings very well with that short simple statement.



Sorry to hear that William PA0WLB is now silent key.

Jimmy M0HGY


Very sad to hear of William’s passing. I heard him many times whilst we were both chasing.

Rest in Peace William.

Mark G0VOF


Very sad to hear that William is a silent key. William was a real chaser and supporter of SOTA. He invited me to eat a pancake in a restautrant, because he worked me so often when I activated a summit. We missed now a real SOTA-friend…


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what a sad info. he was a real kind chaser. RIP William
kurt HB9AFI


Sorry to hear that.
Some time ago I met him personally. He invited Sake PA0SKP and me to give a lecture about SOTA at his radio club. It was a long drive after a day of qrl, but I could not refuse his request. Real gentleman, although already sick at that time. Missed the pancake, trafficjam, but Sake had my one I guess.
RIP dr William,


Sad news, I had been chased by William frequently.

If you want to read a real good story had a look into his QRZ page, and see how he did to overcome the challenge of chasing while living on a first floor apartment.
The story does worth and describes the kind of person he was. A real good ham.

I will miss him in my log. Please send my condolences to his son.
73 de Ignacio

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That is very sad news. Will is in my log with more than 140 Chaser-QSOs and it always was a pleasure to talk to him.
Martin DF3MC

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Yes Very Bad news… You’ll miss us William…:’-(

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I am really sad to hear the news about William. It was always a pleasure to work him on 10 MHz CW. A real gentkeman indeed. A keen, but always patient chaser. Condolences to his family. He will be missed.

Gerald G4OIG

Rest in Peace William.

Rado S58R

Very bad news,we lost a great SOTA chaser.
Condolences to his family.


Thanks Alain for letting us know. My condolences to you for the loss of your friend.
I had the pleasure to QSO with William a couple of times when I was living in Madrid and not yet involved in SOTA.
After I moved back to my birth land and got involved in SOTA, he chased me several times and I’m grateful to him for this.
These are all our QSOs:

Thank you, William, and my deep condolences to his son, the rest of his family and his friends.
Rest in peace…


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Tu fer 40 chaser QSOs William!
Will miss u.


Sorry for that very bad message.
Met Wil for about 10 contacts, chasing me in the past.


Sorry to hear about Williams death. I will remember him as a very friendly chaser. My condolences to his family. Bruno HB9CBR

I am very sad that Will passed away. Condolences to his family. I had many contacts with him and I will remember him as a reliable and friendly chaser.
HB9BAB, Jürg

Very sad to hear that William is a silent key now. Very friendly man and patient chaser. I have 50 QSO with him in my log, we were also in contact via email. I was always surprised, that he was able to hear my QRP SSB signals with his small antennas - piece of wire and/or magnetic loop on balcony of his first floor apartment. We will miss you, Willam!

Pavel OK1MCS