Dear SOTA community, I will be soon travelling with my XYL to the Far Oer Island, on 7th July, with the return flight booked on 11th July. This gives me three full days which I intend to take advantage of for at least a SOTA activation (too bad I won’t be able to make it for the first day which is a Sunday, but we will probably busy with the logistics). My setup will be minimal: a SOTA tactical mast, monoband dipole for the 20m band, 5500 mAh LIPO and Yaesu FT817.
As many fellow activators did before me, I intend to activate the highest peak in the islands, OY/OY-001, but this might change.
I suspect weather can be an issue there, on the other hand, the days are quite long in this period, which gives me some more comfort. I am not comfortable as well with the lack of trees on the top, I usually throw a rope in the trees and do not feel comfortable with the masts, but I don’t really have a choice hi. I hope the dipole will make it, the SOTA mast isn’t that high.
Stay tuned for further information!


Good luck Marco. You still have some time to test your new setup on a nearby hill maybe? And don’t forget poles are usually not allowed in hand luggage :frowning:

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Hello Romain, yes, I will have a quick activation tomorrow with the planned setup for OY. I will probably put the pole in the registered baggage, but why shouldn’t it be allowed in the hand luggage? Mine fits in it.


As an example, tennis rackets are not allowed on Ryanair flights:

Blunt instruments (that is any blunt instrument capable of causing injury, this includes some sporting equipment such as tennis rackets, hurleys, and baseball bats)

I remember fishing poles being specifically mentionned as prohibited for some airlines in the past.


Good luck!
Several years ago, DL8JJ and myself did the first SOTA activations on the Islands. Sometimes WX and especially the wind was challengung on the summit.
Have fun, stay safe! Martin, DF3MC


Thank you Martin ! As said, I really hope the weather will collaborate. I could change the summit, but the possibility of flying back without having qualified at least for an activation is not even considered :grin:

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Dear friends, today we were very close to the activation zone of OY/OY-096 with my XYL but eventually we had to resign as she did not have any power left, the walk to the famous floating lake had already absorbed a great part of her energies. She is very tiny, not a really sporty one and has some knee issues, so I really don’t blame her, kudos for trying.
Despite her insisting for me going alone on OY/OY-001 tomorrow, I don’t really want to leave her alone during our common trip so I have chosen another easy one pointer, which is OY/OY-100. It should be doable, so please follow the spots if you are able to work the radio, it might be my last chance to qualify at least one summit, I can’t imagine leaving OY without at least one activation. Other than that, the holiday is amazing and the Faroe Islands astonishing beautiful.
73 Marco SP9BIJ


Marco. Always safety first my friend. You made the right decision and there is always another day. I will listen for you again. Good Luck.

73’ Don GW0PLP.


Hi Marco, was good fun to work you from France today with only 5W (QMX) and a long wire. Remember fondly my stay on the Islands last year…
Peter F/HB9EBE

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A huge thank you to all today’s correspondents! I can say it was one of the best SOTA experiences of my life, with an intense pile up and a couple of rude chasers who made me feel like I was handling a reaI DX-expedition. I will try to post some report after my return to Poland.
@SQ9MDN Jacek I heard distinctly your call and called you back, but you didn’t follow up, I suspect it was for the huge QSB, too bad we didn’t have a QSO…


Well done Marco! Thank you for staying on the summit for so long and working so many of us.

73 Phil G4OBK

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Fantastic achievement, 96 contacts and such a long time on the summit, hearty congratulations from Ian and Esther GI0AZB/A Ian and Esther.

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