Overlooked Little Mountain (W1/HA-106)

Hi guys,

I just noticed that for over a year nobody has activated Pine Mountain. I have been the only activator who has been on this awesome little mountain in the past year and I honestly don’t know why.

The Pine Mountain Loop trail is located on Pine Mountain Horton Center Road and is only 1.5 miles long. Heading up the south trail there are a few ledge overlooks that look to the south right at Mount Madison. The view is spectacular and the mountain is recognized for its view by the Over the Hill Gang who placed it on the 52 With a View List.

The north trail has several overlooks and the views of Gorham will peak your interest in this small New Hampshire town. There’s a chapel with a fire ring, a sturdy wooden bench and Adirondack shelter that is well maintained and in extremely good shape. Although I’m not sure if the shelter is open to the public, I stopped there to get out of the rain and eat my lunch. There were no signs to indicate that it’s a private place.

When I hike Pine Mountain I generally car camp at Dolly Copp. I like to hike this peak after getting to camp and try to combine it with other summits in the general area. This year I rode my mountain bike in to the trailhead but I could have easily drove in because the road to the trail has been recently repaired.

If you’re in Gorham, don’t overlook this great short hike. The views will really surprise you.

As always, thank you chasers for being there. Band conditions haven’t been the best so I really appreciate you hunting me down.

73, Fred

Chapel Rock off in the distance.