Outd Log App released for iOS and Android

The App is now released at both platforms, iOS and Android

Please let me know any question.

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I don’t see any reviews. Those that have used it, how does it perform?

There are about 20 testers 10 on iOS and 10 on Android. I encourage them to post a review here and at the store.

I completed some testing (ios) and it seemed an improvement over other logging software I have used in that it was clearly focused on activations and it allows fairly easy import into Log4OM which is my normal logging software. Having said that my SOTA activations have been sadly lacking over the least couple of months so my testing has not been as extensive as hoped. I will buy it!
73 Paul

I’ve been using the beta version of Outd Log for a while on my iPhone. For me the main reason to switch from VK port-a-log is so I don’t have to carry an extra Android device to the summit, as my primary phone is an iOS device. Several activations have already been logged successfully using Outd Log – works fine! Thomas responds quickly to feedback, and I’m looking forward to future versions with more features (summit DB etc.).

vy 73, Manuel HB9DQM

I tested Outd Log on my iphone 5S, ipad 4 and Lenovo Tab3/7 running android OS. on each platform the app seemed to look and behave the same. It reliably let me record new contacts and they were included in the output file.

I found that on the Android tablet and on the Ipad, the logging screen layout was ok, but on the iphone 5S (a smaller screen) there was some wraparound of captions, one was wrapping and the second line appeared below the data field which was a bit disconcerting. Some of the dropdown functions were formatted slightly unusually on the iphone 5S - a later model phone with a larger screen (in pixels) may well circumvent that.

There is no provision for posting or viewing alerts or for cloning existing spots (such as when you want to respot yourself on a new band or mode after a change). The app caters for SOTA and GMA. The log file is output in either CSV or ADIF format, presumably it is intended that you import the log into the station log and then extract the contacts in a relevant format for SOTA or GMA. The file can be saved on the device or onto a cloud file service, or emailed to a nominated address. In tests, I emailed it to myself.

I was asked whether I would change to this app from VK PortaLog; my answer is no, because VK Portalog has facilities for both SOTA and WWFF awards, interacting with both Sotawatch and with the Australian website for wwff spotting, parksnpeaks.org. Its integration with the sites is very good and it outputs all file formats required for direct submission to those two awards in addition to an adif file containing all details for input to your station log. The swipe left and right options are very useful in terms of usability and fit naturally with native apps for the platform, rather than being called up by menu options.

in summary, I found OutdLog worked quite effectively and presented a common format to each platform, which is rather unique. Certainly worth trying if you are looking for a portable logging solution for SOTA or GMA.

I hope this is useful to someone.

Andrew VK1DA VK2UH

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I just bought both Versions. On Android (Samsung Tab) I was not able to export.
On IOS I was able to export to dropbox, that is what I usually do with VK-Port-A-Log.
So this has the potential to replace vk-portalog, simply because my primary device is IOS, I carry a Android Tablet just for logging
Most important feature (Status OK) SOTWATCH spots direct into the log.

My 1st feature request:
Please add the field QSLMSG into the adif and let us customize what info we want in it.
My setup in vk port a log is:

QSLMSG:35 Thanks for the QSO. SOTA HB/SO-001

“Thanks for the QSO” is free text defined by the user, “SOTA HB/SO-001” is the actual content of the field MY_SOTA_REF prefixed by SOTA, but it would be nice if it would be just the content without the prefix.

This is essential for eQSL’s

2nd feature request: Summary button which shows me the # of QSO’s and the #of S2S QSO :wink: since on smartphone the space to show the QSO’s in the log is very limited

Mark, HB9DBM

What percentage of the income from this app you are advertising for free on the SOTA website do you intend to donate to SOTA funds?

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Due to the store entry fees I might never have any benefit. I definitely consider to donate some amount as soon I reach that point.
My work can be considered as donation to the SOTA community.
I hope this clarifies my intend to take money at the store.

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Maybe you could have asked first rather than just taking a liberty? There are no entry fees to asking us if it’s OK.

Hi Andy, I might have asked before.

Andrew mensiond my miss usage of a false friend ‘Defiantly/Definitely’ which might as well clarifies some things.
On the other hand, if it’s that problematic you might commented the call for beta testers or dropped me a PM with a hint.
My intend for this APP is and was to build some beneficial for the SOTA community and as said I do not make any income with it.

I find it rather alarming that the MT seems to be so short of funds that they are seeking to cream off a few pennies from a small-time SOTA app developer. I’m sure this will go a long way toward encouraging people to develop services to aid SOTA participants in the pursuit of their part-time hobby.

So, let me start the ball rolling by offering a few dollars/pounds/euros to the “Save SOTA Fund” out of my small pension - I’m sure every penny will help.

Come on, people: crack open those piggy-banks and send some tinkly coins to the MT!


I think Andy is concerned that the reflector is being “abused” for free advertising of a commercial product (which I can understand).

I think however also that we should cut him (Thomas) some slack: As he said the return will barely cover his own expenses; the market for SOTA/Hamradio Apps is not exactly huge. If Thomas’s goal would be to become rich, he’d rather invest his precious spare time into developing some mainstream killer app that sells to a big audience. As for me, I’m grateful that he decided to devote his time to the SOTA community instead. After all, Outd Log is the first usable app (in my opinion) for logging on iOS devices.

Said that, I also was one of the testing crew (iOS). Thomas responded very quickly and positively to my feedback and implemented many suggestions straight away. I used Outd Log during four activations so far and it got better with each (beta) release. I’m using an external bluetooth keyboard, as I don’t like typing on the on-screen keyboard due to the missing tactile feedback. My device is an iPhone 6s plus. I think Outd Log is very usable already and some nice features are already in the pipeline for future releases.

vy73, Peter HB9TVK

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No, Andy and the rest of the MT are concerned that the free advertising is being taken as if it is a right rather than being politely asked for. We know that the money involved is trivial, we aren’t eager to grab a share, we are happy that another useful facility is available to the sotari, it is just good manners to ask first. That’s all.

So, the following points seem to be understood:

  • the app will be used by SOTA activators out in the field;
  • the app could help many SOTA activators log contacts more efficiently, thereby saving them time when conditions on a summit may be bad;
  • the SOTA community can thereby benefit in a general sense;
  • little monetary gain will accrue to the developer of this app - since any developer of such apps or similar SOTA services will agree that the amount of time and effort in cash terms can never be recouped.

Given these points of agreement, it seems churlish indeed to complain so effusively that the developer needs to apply for permission to “advertise” his app when the net gain to the SOTA community surely outweighs any objections the MT may have about his placing a few notices calling attention to the app in this Reflector.


“Effusively”, Rob?

Six lines about it from members of the MT, count them, but you on your own have devoted seventeen lines to objecting, making you nearly three times as effusive!:wink: It seems “churlish” to object to the MT’s preference for good manners, but no doubt some people prefer the modern way of grab first, ask later if you think of it!

Now I’m not wearing my moderator’s hat (the one with a spike on top!) but I suggest that all the necessary points have been made and the thread should be returned to discussing the app.

[redacted due to infringing the AUP.]


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Feeble? The power is mine, the hat with the point on top is in easy reach, and you are ignoring both the AUP and the Code of Conduct in the GR.

Rob, you are a highly valued member of this community, and it would be with the greatest reluctance that I would do my duty and impose a “time out” on you, but duty is duty. Please, let it rest.

I’ve waited a long time for adding me to the beta testers. Unfortunately I did not get it and finally the program showed up as a paid one so I bought it, but why do I have to pay again for the program after changing the tablet or phone?
Is this honest?