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Other summit than Alerted vs rbn-hole

On march 20th, I activated OE/NO-270 but I alerted OE/NO-210. There was too much snow, so we had to give up and went to a lower summit.
Deleting the Alert was not possible.
There were only the rbn-hole spots, so most chaser stations have the wrong summit in their logs although I sent the ref. nr 10 times in 9 qso…
Maybe using a different call eg. OE3VBU/3 instead of OE3VBU/P will help in such case.
73 de Martin, OE3VBU

G day Martin the other day I worked vk2twr S2S and he gave me vk2/sm-017 but next time I saw my phone on the summit he was listed as being on vk2/sm-069 . So I called him back to make sure and he said it sometimes defaults to a summit he has been on near by his home, so he made a new spot to sm-017 for himself. I did call him back because I thought others would just copy down what the spot said as in your case . Not your fault mate the chasers should pay more attention to what you are telling them .
cheers mate
Ian vk5cz …

Hi Ian,
I suspect Rod may have been using Rucksack Radio Tool. If GPS is turned on, it can pre-fill the summit information in a spot. If GPS is turned off or if insufficient satellites are visible for an accurate GPS fix on the phone, it will usually leave the last one that it saw in the summit field. I’ve been caught out by this feature before.