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OS mapping

The pricing of OS mapping data appears to have changed significantly during the last few months. I have held a license for Memory Map UK North for several years. Last month Christine kindly forked out for a new Memory Map A2800 GPS - my birthday present!
On enquiring about the mapping for it, I found that I could upgrade from the GM + North of England 1:50000 data to a full GB 1:50000 for a mere £45 to cover cost of supply of a replacement DVD with all the data for the whole of GB, as well as micro SD card for slotting into the A2800 covering the GB at 1:50000.
There may be other deals available for various GPS units, and it may be worth investigating the upgrade offers now available!
73 de Ken - GM0AXY
p.s. I still use printed OS maps and a Silva compass for navigation, but the addition of the same data being on the Moving Map display on the GPS unit really adds a new dimension to navigation on the hills.

In reply to GM0AXY:
How do you find the A2800, im thinking of getting one?


In reply to 2M0ETR:
I have only had it for a few weeks, and so far OK. The screen is perhaps smaller than some of the other GPS screens, but it is quite intuitive to use.
The fact that I now have exactly the same map both in my old Ortlieb mapcase AND on the GPS provides a re-assurance so to speak. It is certainly a step change from my previous Garmin Plus II GPS.
I have used the A2800 around town here in Edinburgh; even travelling on the Lothians Transport buses, and it keeps track of my movements remarkably well; even the 30 mph travel on the lower deck on the double-decker buses is recorded in the ‘speed’-profile with remarkable accuracy, hi!
So far, I am happy!
73 de Ken

In reply to GM0AXY:
Thanks for the info Ken, ive been thinking of getting one for a while and keep getting drawn back to this one, so will most likely go for it soon.

Thanks again


If I recall correctly, MemoryMap have also made available, free of charge to registered users of their software, their entire 1:10,000 Streetview database.