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I don’t understand the issue. I click the link to the “OS Get a Map”
and I get a map. I click “leisure” in the top left and I get a 1:50k
or 1:25k map (depending how far I’m zoomed in).

This is all in the guise of being a “Guest” of the get-a-map site and
I’m getting maps and not paying.

What’s the problem?

It seems as if it might be something due to my computer - I click on Get a Map on one of the Summit pages, the map comes up fogged up and a superimposed message comes up about “Invalid Credentials. Sign up for a developer account at…”


Brian G8ADD

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message comes up about “Invalid Credentials. Sign up for a developer account at…”

Sounds like OS is tracking usage, and (assuming you’re using MS Windows) if it thinks you’re a potential mark you get a taste of the system. When you’ve had a tase, maybe it then fogs itself up 'til you pay? Me, I’ll just go elsewhere.

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Yes, the detailed street map scale may be fine for Crowborough but not much help on Scottish moorland. It will zoom right back so that you can see where in the UK some obscure summit in an equally obscure county might happen to be; very useful with my limited knowledge of the west of Scotland.


I tend to drop the lat long into Bing maps and let them worry about the OS licensing.

e.g. G/SP-010 Winter Hill

May be worth a look at this provider for UK summits?

Stew M0SCU

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It certainly seems that some are having problems with their computers.

I have just tried going to Get-a-Map from a summit record which brings up the road map and by clicking on “Leisure” brings up the 1:50k.

No problems with access at all - running Windoze7 and I have Silverlight installed because it came with it.


Barry GM4TOE

PS MemoryMap have all UK 1:50k available at a really low price (currently £100) which can be simultaneously installed on up to 5 machines including a tablet or phone

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I’ve been a subscriber for a couple of years and wondered if that’s why I’d been taken to the new version but looks like it’s universal.

Do find it very useful, although only now exploring the possibilities of interface with my Garmin GPS via Basecamp.

Main issue I have is with printing - it behaves in some truly bizarre ways when you try to adjust the scale/printed area. And haven’t found a way of printing route cards for self-produced routes, despite correspondence with their help bods.

73 de Paul G4MD

FTR, OS maps are available on-line for free without Silverlight here: http://footpathmaps.com
Found this while doing research for my hiking/SOTA trip to Scotland in May this year.

Marcin SQ9OZM

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but looks like it’s universal.

…for values of “universal” designed to exclude non-Windows users completely.

despite correspondence with their help bods.

Now there’s a thought…

73, Rick M0LEP.

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This needs to be seen not as a Windows/other issue. It’s a bad decision for a government backed operation to select something that limits significant chunks of taxpayers from accessing the service.

If it was FMF-mapping that decided it would not allow c. 60% of the smartphones no access to its web maps then that would be a business decision the board of FMF-mapping can justify to its shareholders.

But a UK government organisation should pick a technology that enables everyone to access it. It’s not like it can’t be done so that the maps render on all devices. Worse still Silverlight is an already dead/dying technology like Adobe Flash. Sliverlight is a Flash clone with lock-in to enforce use of MS products and to adopt it when the world is moving to the open standards of HTML5 just stinks.

Government position on software:

From the OS own website:

“Minister – Ordnance Survey is an independent non-ministerial government department with Executive Agency status operating as a Trading Fund under the Ordnance Survey Trading Fund Order 1999 (SI 1999/965). Ordnance Survey is accountable to Parliament though the Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS). Ministers in BIS will approve the policy and financial framework within which Ordnance Survey operates and the Corporate Business Plan and Agency Performance Monitors.”

Not quite sure how choosing proprietary software by a government department fits with the mission statement there.


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Not quite sure how choosing proprietary software by a government department fits
with the mission statement there.

With you all the way through, there. :wink:

The OS Get-a-Map FAQ has this to say about other devices:

Does Getamap work on Apple Macs?

Yes, if you use a Mac with an Intel-based processor and the Safari browser version 3 or above.

Can I use getamap on my smartphone, iphone or other mobile device?

getamap is currently available on the internet using a compatible web browser on a PC. We have a programme of continuous development which may include support for mobile devices in future releases.

Can I use getamap on a Linux system?

getamap can’t be used using the Linux operating system and open source versions of Silverlight, such as Moonlight. You can still use the original Get-a-map service.

See http://www.ordnancesurvey.co.uk/support/faq-archive/getamap-faq.html#faq10

73, Rick M0LEP