"Operator: Not recognized" message in SW3 alert

I recently began using SW3. I posted 2 alerts for 13/06/2019–one at 1500 and the other at 2000. When I mouse over the summit reference in the first alert, it shows “Operator: Paul”. However, in the second alert when I mouse over the summit reference it shows “Operator: Not recognized”. What could cause this to happen?

A bug, no doubt. I’ll add it to Jon’s list.

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If your DB/SOTAWATCH3 ID is not your call sign this will happen. I had same issue, changed my ID to call sign and now my name shows. Thanks to Jon for the info.

Ahh! That’s fixed it, thanks

That has happened to me the last three times but my details on SOTA watch 2 and the new ss.sota3 all have my user name/details correctly entered. I can’t fin d “ID” to edit under my details anyway.

Any suggestions please/