Operating in US

I may have an opportunity to activate on US summits later this year.

I do have FCC general class license, my question is would it be legal if I bring my rig, which is IRAU R3 compliant, to operate in US?


73 de BX2AFU

In the US, the operator is responsible for following the regulations. If a transmitter is for sale in the US, that equipment needs to be FCC-approved.

Since you aren’t setting up a transmitter shop, your rig should be fine.

There are some fine points in the regulations, about rigs approved for non-amateur use being sold to amateurs in the US, but if your rig was designed for amateur use, it should be fine in the US.


Thanks, my is FT-817, but it is Japanese domestic version.

No one will check, you’ll be fine :smile:

The FT-817 is legal in the US. You will need to stay in the US bands even if the rig will transmit outside of them. That’s all. Enjoy your visit!


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Because it’s a known rig in the US, I’ve also decided to bring my FT-817ND (Australian model) with me so I can do a SOTA activation when I visit the US for Hanvention in May. My go to rig now if the Xiegu X108G because of the extra power (20w vs 5w) but while the Aussie FT817ND model is in fact the same model as sold in the US, it’s probably a good choice over the Chinese rig, to get through customs and excise.
Remember to have copies of your US and Taiwanese amateur radio licences with you Willis and you’ll be fine I’m sure.

73 Ed.

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