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Operating from Saint Lucia, Caribbean (DxCC J6)

Nothing what so ever to do with SOTA but the island is very very mountainous and if the view from your window today is snow, rain, frost then a few snaps of the Caribbean are offered up to bring a little bit of joy to this December…


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J6 St. Lucia has 16 possible SOTA summits.

Shame you didn’t make your trip more public in advance, you may have found an association there to activate!


Hope to go back to J6 sooner than later.

Maybe that trip with some pre planning could bring a new association into the fold.

Can you email me or make available data on the 16 possible summits? Rodney Bay looks achievable but some in the middle of the island but be very tough to get to through dense foliage and up steep inclines.


It works the other Paul, you offer to be J6 AM and do some work with the summits team and all of you can get a J6 association ready. The obvious way to do this is to arrange the association to go live the day you arrive so you get the chance to be first activator considering you did some of the work setting up. :slight_smile:

Ultimately, we would like a J6 amateur to be AM but the easiest way to do that as we don’t have any J6 hams banging on the door, is to do all the work in getting the association ready and then hand it over for someone to look after. If you are not into SOTA, you’d not volunteer to do any of the work. But if the work is done, the local AM duties are quite simple, often just acting as a local contact to help people deal with licensing authorities if it’s not CEPT etc.

Contact Rob G0HRT (@G0HRT ) and he can start the ball rolling with you and the team.

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That’s really good info. I’ve traveled to several places where this would apply. Out of curiosity, can you give a brief description of the work required? Either that or Paul could summarized what he’s asked to do.