Only one R9U/SO-021!

Members: RA9WPV, RX9WT.
Equipment: New SW2017-mini (up to 20 W), folded GP to 14 MHz.
Location: Ridge of Nary on southern Urals. Not Kary - it is mistake!

The Nary ridge is one of the most picturesque in the southern Urals.
And, perhaps, one of the most difficult and difficult to access.

Our plans were to visit two summits: R9U/SO-021 (Bet Nary) and R9U/SO-011 (Nary).

And as reserve - R9U/SO-063 (also not Kary))
There are only taiga and mountains around us.

I find it difficult to find the words to convey this amazing atmosphere. Just watch.

Climbing the rocks, looping through the labyrinths of stones, and just poking through the windbreak, we finally approached the first - R9U/SO-021.

Taking only the equipment, we hurried to the top.
Quickly installed the antenna, as the weather began to deteriorate.

Radio Ether is filled with lightning discharges. It is very difficult to receive signals by QRN. in during QSO with DL1FU, I received a sensitive electric shock from the CW key.

Quickly removed the radio, lowered the antenna and began to descend to the backpacks left at the top.
After waiting for a heavy rain and a thunderstorm in the tent, we again climbed to the top.

Visibility has improved, thunderstorm clouds have gone to the northeast. The antenna was lifted back, and - quickly to the 14 MHz band, where the chasers are waiting us. QRN remained, but it was already safe to work on the air. While I was working in a small pileup), Alex took pictures of wonderful views from the top.

After 40 QSO I finished the work on the air and we turned off the position.
Descended on simple rocks.
Spent the night in our little camp under the summit.
We still had two more days and a R9U/SO-011 at 10 kilometers to the north, but the weather forced us to abandon this plan.
It was raining all night, and by the morning all the mountains were covered with fog.

In such conditions, it was impossible to walk along the ridge and we decided to go down …

Only one summit. Three amazing days. Two…


Hello friends!
I want to present a short video about the RA9WPV and RX9WT expedition to the summit Bet Nary (R9U / SO-021):


Thanks for sharing your part of paradise !
73 QRO


Спасибо за рассказ, фотографии, видео!
Не успел к началу вашей активации и сожалел, что прошляпил такое событие. Но не долго… Во второй заход удалось связаться с вами. Главное безопасность. Все правильно!
Кстати, можно заранее разместить анонс на страничке Alerts, и тогда телеграфные споты будут отображаться автоматически благодаря скиммерам.
Спасибо Марату, и в этот раз все было идеально анонсировано!
de rn6k


Сергей, благодарю за внимание к нашим мероприятиям!
Кстати, я до сих пор не был осведомлен о связи размещаемых анонсов на Alerts с работой скиммеров. Это касается только CW, или действует и в отношении SSB? Для меня это пока “темный лес”:thinking:

Приветствую, Марат!
С SSB автоматически sotawatch не работает. Обычно если в традиционном DX-кластере дают спот с упоминанием про sota, то кто-то вручную перепечатывает эти данные в sotawatch.
В окне Latest Spots автоматически обнаруженные станции помечаются как (Posted by RBNHOLE). Например, сегодня:
Thu 20:24 W1EJ on W6/NS-189 (Posted by RBNHOLE) 10.113 cw
По поводу цифровых видов связи тоже не уверен.
Manuel HB9DQM написал великолепное приложение для смартфонов HamAlert, которое заточено под SOTA и точно обнаруживает psk31 и ft8 и пр. sota станции автоматически.
Успехов всей вашей команде в путешествиях!
Сергей rn6k

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Thank you for the report and the wonderful pictures - those mountains seem to go on forever…

Regards, Mark.

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Thank you, Mark!
I am very glad that our efforts were justified, and the nature of the mountains of the Southern Urals became closer to all people…

Super report on what looks like a really hard and beautiful area.


Vlad what make is the morse key/paddle you were using please?

(Nice country & mountains. Looks really wild.


Hi Dave!
This is a self-made electronic key on a PIC controller, made specifically for my field kit. Photos can be viewed here: R9U/SO-044 again
On a trip to R9U/SO-021, I decided to check another transceiver, but the key was old, familiar.

Thanks Vladimir - a bit beyond my electronic or engineering skills to make one of those.