Only gone and done it :-)))))))))

WELL boys and girls.:astonished:

Only gone and done it after nearly 18 years of being a M3.
Come new year all being well. Farewell M3 and hello 2E​:star_struck::partying_face:

A VERY Big thanks to the TARS of Newton Abbot, Devon taking me on the trial correspondence course there now doing for the Intermediate course. Spent one day there doing the practical and late SUNDAY after noon Exam for it along few others doing there Foundation):star_struck::star_struck::star_struck::star_struck::face_with_monocle::nerd_face::crazy_face::grin::grin::grin::grin:

I would Highly recommend using these people at TARS as find myself in situation having to travel fair old distance to do this course. And many days doing a course just not happening as nothing local is happening. Warm friendly helpful group, willing you on and TEACH you a few more things.

NEVER BE AFRAID TO ASK QUESTIONS :astonished: They are there to help you through it all and the training team are very good in what they do and enjoying doing what they do and giving up there free time to help others like me self.

Ps must mention and thank M1APC from the SHACK for getting me onto the course and his side kick M0NMC Nick for further encouragement.

KARL M3FEH :star_struck::star_struck::star_struck:


Very well done Karl, not before time HI, just enjoy playing with the extra power.
Congratulations and again Well Done.

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Well Done Karl.


Very well done Karl,good to hear you made it.Oh dear qrm over my head now! 73 Mate.

Well done Karl, 10W to 50W is a useful step up in power. You might find chasing a little easier now.

Are you going to going to go for the Full Licence now?

73 Andrew G4AFI

Many congratulations on gaining the additional S point Karl. I wonder whether there is a correspondence course for the full ticket. Better warn Don if there is… he can then make arrangements to move to Scotland to protect his receiver front end. :grinning:

Well done Karl, hoping to hear you again soon with the new call.



If you find distance learning works for you then you might want to try the Bath Advanced online course.

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Congratulations Karl on getting your Intermediate Licence.

Jimmy M0HGY

As I said in my private mail to Karl. I am very happy for him and impressed with the way he took up the challenge and came through with flying colours.

I hadn’t realised you have been a Foundation call for 18 years - all the more of a compliment that when you were ready, you sat down, did the learning work and passed the tests!

I look forward to hearing what your new call will be in the new year.


Nice one, Karl, congratulations - looking forward to hearing / working the new call :+1:


Congratulations Karl!
Very well done in finding the drive and determination to succeed. I went straight in at full whilst I was at college, if I hadn’t, I doubt I would be motivated enough to do it now, and as a QRPer, there would be little incentive to progress beyond foundation any way.

Good work!


Hi Karl

Well done mate, I can’t see on QRZ that anyone has 2E0FEH,
I wonder if you have requested that call.
Again, many congratulations

Best 73 Dave G0ELJ

Congratulations Karl,
A a distance learning tutor of 10 years (one of Steve’s little elves). I suggest letting the 2E call bed in a bit. The new syllabus kicks in in September but it is a bit like Brexit votes, it might get postponed!
Well done, power corrupts.


Excellent! :slight_smile:

Congratulations Karl. Thanks for the call today on 80m…if I’d known I would have congratulated you from the summit😀 …thanks to all the chasers again today.

73 Allan GW4VPX

Congrats Karl!

73, Peter ON4UP

Well done Karl a 2E call will be a nice extra Christmas pressy :gift:

Look forward to working you with the new call. Remember you don’t HAVE to use the extra power you’re allowed though :wink:

73 de Paul G4MD

Well done Karl with passing the intermediate looking forward to working the new 2E, what’s it going to be first an activation or a chase first with the new callsign?


Great. Congrats and now the next…
73 Jim G0CQK