Ongoing pre-orders for (tr)uSDX

For anyone who is interested in the (tr)uSDX,
there is an ongoing pre-order (3rd batch) at the commercial supplier roWaves:

German operators can join the ongoing group order in DL2MAN‘s forum:

I look forward in building and using this little rig for my SOTA activations. Thanks to DL2MAN and PE1NNZ.

Vy 73 de Chris DL1GKC


Hi Christian @DL1GKC.

Just information. There are only 5 slots left in the Group Buy for DL. Then the round is full.

73 Marcel DM3FAM

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Group Buy round for DL finished and all slots full :+1:
The Video (youtube) from Manuel DL2MAN has been removed.

73 Marcel DM3FAM


Thank you, Manuel @DM3FAM for letting us know. That was really a quick group buy round. 73 de Chris DL1GKC

Edit 13.02.22: 3rd batch at roWaves is also sold out

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I had the chance to chase Jeff @KX6I this afternoon on 20m CW. He was using his freshly built (tr)uSDX. The rig sounded great.

After that I was able to record Jeff having an S2S on 40m SSB with Aaron @KG7AZY.





Geoff vk3sq