One question left

I do not have any SOTA account except to the Reflector since Andy, MM0FMF deleted it (but not completely) on my request to do so COMPLETELY. My data are still in the system. When I tried to sign in today, I was told:

Already registered. Probably you signed up to SOTAwatch some time ago, please email Reflector Admin to resolve.

I do not like this, but be that as it may, there is another question left: I am known to the SOTA system but I myself do not claim any SOTA points as long as terrestrial repeaters are not allowed. Is it possible to be an activator giving SOTA points to chasers under these circumstances?

73, Alfred, OE5AKM

Yes, you can still be an activator provided your activations qualify according to the rules. Chasers can claim points irrespective of whether you log your activations and irrespective of your account status.

The only exception to this is if you have been banned from the programme. This has only happened to a handful of people and only after many warnings and prolonged unacceptable behavior.

Hi Alfred,

Yes, if you operate from a SOTA summit within the rules eg not in a car, not using a generator etc, then the chasers can claim points. The Activator does not have to be registered with SOTA, and does not have to upload a log (though it is nice if they do).

The main thing is to enjoy it, and it sounds as though you will.


Many thanks for your answers and no, I am not banned! :wink:

73, Alfred, OE5AKM

The response you received occurred when you were logging in to the reflector and no other SOTA website. That has nothing to do with the database to which you refer. If you do not wish to continue to have access to the reflector please let me know via PM. It is not possible to delete someone completely from this reflector as all their posts would also disappear which would leave holes in the thread of any topic to which they had contributed. In other words I would appear to be answering a question that did not exist. The process is simply to either suspend or block a user which results in them being unable to log into the reflector and therefore unable to post but anyone can read this reflector.

A bit like footprints in the mud.

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Alfred you seem to have some compulsive requirement to cause trouble.

You stated you didn’t like the rules in SOTA that have been standard since SOTA started and wanted your account deleting. Fine, your choice, but you have singularly been unable to communicate with us via email or via the contact pages and have done everything in public and I have to say in a most impolite way. You get to use OUR services for free so you have to ACCEPT things should be done our way else we simply push you to the bottom of the queue and we deal with people who ask nicely. I’m sorry if that is an alien concept to you.

Having been told to stop using the account you continued to post public messages that your demands were not being met. Well Alfred, as explained, I can only please so many people a day during my personal free time and I choose to please the people who don’t act like spoilt children who stamp their feet. Of course some patience and your accounts would have all melted away. But no, stamp, stamp stamp!

Your website/SOTAwatch accounts have been deleted AFIAK. Your reflector status was set to “SUSPEND” which means you cannot log in. However, if you have the valid cookies in your browser history you are effectively logged in all the time and, to my surprise, were still able to post intemperate messages. Well you are blocked now… you will have to use email to contact the MT now. I have taken away your right to make a fuss on OUR servers.

For your database account, I went further than normal. The normal deletion is to reset the password and add a character to the email address domain. This stops the user logging in or requesting a new password. In your case I went further, I removed your contacts attributed to your userID, then hard deleted the user account so there is no record of you ever having had an account, I also ensure all relations in the database back to your userID were unlinked.

Having spent too much time fannying about on your account as you wanted nothing more to do with us you are still causing me unnecessary work and still being distinctly impolite. WELL IT STOPS NOW. No database account, don’t create one as I will delete it. No reflector access, don’t ask for it to be enabled, it wont. SOTAwatch/SOTA website, well that is up to Jon.

I give my free time to running some of SOTA to payback for the fun I have and the benefit SOTA has on my health. Dealing with people who have to make a fuss like you in public is a downside. You done this 3 times now, that is 1 times too many. Not any more Alfred.

DL/M0FMF (off out for something eat and drink)