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One more day in challenge before break - DL/AM-180 14/8/2015 0700 UTC

OK after a successful 10m activation today (13/8) - I am hoping that the Sporadic-E conditions tomorrow (14th.) might be good to me again, so I’m going out to my closest summit to see if I can bag some more 10m contacts. (I’ve already activated this summit this year, so I wont get any “normal” activator points for it - so this really is for the challenge).

All calls very gratefully received!

Then it’s a long wait until November to add points to the challenge again.


Morning & up
Tuned in

:sob: No Es

Thinks all this rain has washed it away :sweat_drops:


Rain, what rain? Oh, THAT rain…

My activation cancelled and alert deleted. November it is then.

Hi Tom,

JEEEEZZZZ -That really looks like rain - can you PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE send it over this way, the mid 30s temperatures day in, day out (and still hot nights) get to be too much. I never thought I’d be saying that - after all I shoould be used to it from Australia, right? Problem is no one has air conditioning here (yet).

Just confirming what Karl has said - looks like the end of the Sporadic-Es have coincided with the end of the challenge - crikey who planned this date ??

Managed just one 10m contact this morning, but also managed a VK(S2S), an EU and an EA on 20m to make up the four. Unfortunately found a few new faults in the equipment, so those’ll take a few days to fix up before any future activation.


Hi Ed, thanks for the S2S on 20m. I think we just made it on the tail end of conditions before they dropped out for the night here. Would have been nice to have picked you out on 10m, but the conditions definitely were not there. 10m has not been good here in VK of late - although expect they will come good for the VK RD contest from 0300 after this segment of the 10m challenge finishes!

Am planning on activating Black Mountain (VK1/AC-042)at 2200Z to squeeze one last one in before this part of the challenge finishes up for the break. Doubt there will be any chance of EU, but may be lucky enough to get some NA propagation. Will have 90W or thereabouts and if there are any conditions will put up a 1/2 wave vertical.


Thanks for the S2S. Much appreciated. 10m E’s here are not great today compared to yesterday it seems (or at least they weren’t this morning). I ould not exect an EU-VK contact on 10m but good luck with the VK-NA tonight.

73 Ed.